Thursday, February 26, 2009

Retro Video Gallery: Red Sox at Camden Yards, 2002

As you know, I used to post video stills from a time before I could post video online, i.e. before YouTube. Slowly over the next few decades, I'll release some of those videos in actual video format. You've seen the stills from April 6th, 2002, now they come to life. Part one:

Of course, I didn't start this blog till February of 2004, so the original gallery was a retro-gallery anyway, posted in 2005. But now you get to see Nomar (Nomah! Nomah! Nomah!), Pedro (Pedro! Pedro! Pedro!), and company in motion. YT is showing HD vids now, but my Hi-8 jobs still come out pretty crappy on there--these vids look gorgeous in reality.

I was filming at first, then I handed over to a reluctant Chan, then it went back to me again. There's some pretty funny dialogue if you can decipher it. Part two:

I love the guy "singing" Cheers to Tom Werner (who really goes to town with that one kiss!). And the "Joey" kid, of course. You'll also notice the "dweeb" come to life. If you are that kid, I apologize you became known as "the dweeb," but, hey, I'm a dweeb, too. Contact me if you ever see this vid. (And I wish I had it on tape when you sang along to Devo: "Ca-rack that whip!") Also look for Katie Couric, George Will, and the two light beams coming from Ground Zero on our way home to what was then Danbury for me and Westchester County for Chan--we would later be roommates in NYC, of course.


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