Thursday, December 11, 2008

TVGuide, September 6-12, 1980

80. Sorry, I didn't wanna get the camera out and do all that uploading, so I just shot these with the built-in camera in my laptop.

Does this Handi-Sweep logo remind you of anything? Actually, NBC still had the 12-feathered peacock in '80, so maybe they took a page out of Handi-Sweep's book....

I have no recollection of "StarCase." By the way, this is a Providence local edition of TVGuide that I got here in Providence a few weeks ago. Not a Connecticut one from my childhood. Then again, I wouldn't have one of those, since our family just used the tv listings from the New York Times. Hey, at least I'm giving you something--the Boston newspaper sports sections just tell you over and over how "nothing's going on." I'd rather look at old TVGuides.

That channel 6 logo's pretty out of control. And, again, I like seeing "1980."

You Boston people with your candlepins. So it really is true... Actually, Kim has told me about this show before. Petrocelli. Awesome.

Seventeen bucks for a blank VHS tape!

I thought I'd avoid the ubiquitous cigarette ads this time, but look at this guy--he's mesmerized! Longer...yet lighter!

I actually watched this channel tonight. It still is the one.

Red Sox-Yankees action. This game's on 3, 6, 11, and 38! When I saw the 11, that's when I figured out that Providence was getting stations everywhere from New York to Boston. So you've got 11 out of NY, 38 out of Boston, and then 6 was the Providence (actually New Bedford) CBS station, and 3 is the Hartford CBS station which I vaguely remember carrying some Sox games when I was really little.

What a difference John Davidson makes? Man, even your dreams are square.... My friend Brian, noted Davidson-hater, is gonna love this one.

Ad for Fridays. Note Michael Richards hanging off the Y.

Sears once again with their crazy jersey-shirts. Can't blame me on this one---the ad itself was blurry. Back cover shot. So those are the highlights. Kim and I also have had countless minutes of fun looking at all the shows and their descriptions.

Mostly irrelevant comment:

One of my journalism profs in college wrote TV show summaries for TV Guide in the 80's. She had us do an exercise in one 300-level class where we summarized TV shows. Tougher than it sounds when you have a space limit. I forget now what the limit was, but all of us had trouble.

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