Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Orlando @ Celts, 12/1/2008

I didn't expect to get a metered spot around the Garden, but I gave it a shot anyway...and scored one right off Causeway Street, steps from the building. Kim met me there, coming straight from work, so she had to pay 25 bucks for a lot, unfortunately. The street I was on had a one way sign, cars parked on the left, and a double yellow line. Classic Boston. I had to wait in my car for a little while before paying the meter, and I watched two separate cars come up the road the wrong way, like they did it every day. They should call that road "Subjective Street."

I was happy to see Rondo out there before the game. Usually the starters aren't out there. You can also see announcer Mike Gorman in this shot.

Of the fifty shots I took of Rondo, this was one of, like, three, that ended up being in focus. Something about that Garden lighting, man. Damn indoor sports. But I did play with some different settings and got some better action shots at this game.

Patrick Ewing is a coach for the Orlando Magic. Never thought I'd be seeing that guy.

Extra press area, I guess.

General seats shot.

Never saw these green tables before.

A Celtics-ized Bruin.

Our seats were in row four of the upper deck. 10 dollars each. There were a bunch of empty seats at this game.

Garnett and Pierce in pre-game.

Eddie House, as seen through the backboard.

KG in mid-air.

During introductions.

Paul Pierce.

Magician down (at right).

K, Ray, Rondo-lay.

Perk with the slam. The Celts kicked some Magic butt.

...and Lenny Clarke was at the game! ("This is Warner Wolf....")


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