Tuesday, December 16, 2008

CT/NY/Fenway/Junk Pics

On I-95, headed to NY via CT last Friday. Click all to enlarge. Unfortunately, the best shot was the one with the corporate logos visible and a truck in front of the sunset. But the signs actually look pretty cool at dusk.

Sun setting on Long Island Sound.

Pink December sky through a beach volleyball net.

Moon over the Sound.

The next day, in NYC, after having just successfully scored my Sox Pack, we're in a diner, and I spot the Ghostbusters logo upside down in a window across the street. Surprisingly, this was the only picture I snapped in NYC--we were too busy having fun, etc.

Now back in CT, another great sunset on Sunday night.

Monday: I'm at Fenway for the junk sale--I parked on Yawkey Way, at, basically, Fenway's front door. So easy to find parking there when there's no game going on, the main reason being that the street is open to cars. Notice all the championship banners are down.

Outside view of the new right field roof box construction. You can tell there's gonna be a new billboard--I wonder what corporation will get the naming rights. I wish some trillionaire would just spend the money on one of these things and say, "no sign, please, we're rich enough." In other words, rich people should pay to keep Fenway from getting even more littered with ads. Oh, and you can also see that the retired numbers are down for cleaning or whatever.

The new House of Blues on Lansdowne--they're really moving on this now.

Looking at the first base dugout/stands/field through the center field gate, through the entrance to the Bleacher Bar on Lansdowne.

Terribly, I didn't even look at the construction or the field when I was at the "Yard Sale," even though I could have. I was too busy filling my bag, and then I saw the entrance to the room with the non-free stuff, and I went in there and soon I was carrying a speaker in one hand and a bag of bricks in the other and had no chance to go back and get pics. But here's Kenmore Square on my way out. After all that construction, it's finally starting to look normal again--check out the grassy median and the new road surface.

Back home with my junk, the top of the Fenway speaker--check out the older and newer paint. Running across it is the severed cord.

The inside of the speaker. That company still exists, though if you look at their address on G-Maps Street Views, it's just residential houses. I think they got bought out by a White Plains company, so maybe the Michigan factory is gone now....

The speaker in our dining room, in front of Whisker City. Over a lifetime of cat ownership, I can say that Whisker City is the best product I've ever had, in terms of preventing them from scratching up wood/furniture. It doesn't solve the problem completely, but the cats do actually notice it, unlike some ideas (like the infamous "Kitty Condo").

The tape job on the handle of Joe McEwing's bat.

That weird bolt mark on one of the Fenway bricks.

Here's an ebay auction with a good cause. It's done by the Sox fan in NC whose house was vandalized with weird Yankee-markings.

Ok so 2 quick thoughts...

1. Your pic of the moon over the water at night should be framed.

2. The brick has an old man face in it. Fucking awesome!
1. Thanks! For those night shots, you need a tripod, and I never have one. However, in the case, the moon was low enough where I could leave the camera flat on a ledge, snap, and let it do its thing for a few seconds.

2. I see it! Nice call.

Also, about the bat--it's so cool because you can tell Super Joe used it a LOT. The tape is all sinew-y and would around so many times that it turned a thin handle into a thick big thick chunk. It's covered with pine tar--your hands get sticky after touching it but not in an "out, damned spot!" kind of way. It's got a hairline fracture that's almost causing it to split in two but yet you still feel like you could go out and hammer nails with it and still bash a homer. It's just a great example of a used object--and unlike balls and gloves, bats are the non-animal products of baseball, so they're the best. I should collect more bats--but they're expensive and cumbersome.

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