Monday, November 10, 2008


We had some great leaves this fall, color-wise. I missed getting good pictures of them, but I recently went over to the park and found that all the color had just moved from tree to ground. The grass was completely covered, turning it into a sea of orange. I went around and took some shots in different areas. Enjoy.

Nice, Jere. I especially like that second one, with the slope in the foreground.
Thanks. Yeah, Slopey McGee's a fave of mine, too.
Jere, that's a great pic of Bill Lee with the red hat and the smile. It really is!
Yes, the second one is my fave, too! Beautiful pics. Are you loving RI?
Peter, thanks. I may change it though, since it may lead some people to think I'm older than I am, if they're not familiar with what Lee looks like.

Kara, yes, we are! Hopefully you like the CT shore as much as we like RI.
Did you rake it up and jump in the pile yet?
Hey, is that allowed? Can I go to a park and rake the leaves?

Anyway, I think of it every time I rake my own yard. (So weird, me, raking leaves, doing yardwork, etc.) But right now the leaves are all wet. If I can get one more dry pile before winter, I'll jump.

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