Monday, August 04, 2008

The "Demoralizing" Behavior Of Manny Ramirez

...and finally, previously unseen video I shot of Manny on July 9th, 2008:

[all photos and video shot by Jere Smith, 2002-2008] [aka Me]

Jere, what an ass he was. ;)

Other than the past two weeks, I loved every minute of the Manny ear; I'd like to think what we saw recently was Boras talking or Manny just losing it.

BTW, when is the book release? I want to do my review right around the same time.

Thanks, man. Hope you are well.
Book should be out in a few weeks. I will definitely keep everybody posted. Thanks for doing a review....
Thanks for the great photo gallery.
I'll admit - I got ever so slightly choked up.
He really is a great character. Flaws? Sure. But don't we all. His were just magnified hundreds of times over by those with their own agenda.
The trade was enough to motivate me to write on my own blog for the first time in almost a month.
Oh well, a new era begins.
Buena suerte Manuel.

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