Monday, June 02, 2008

Dumb Night

Sox and Yanks fans were pretty much going through the same thing tonight at the exact same time. We both lose late in a game we maybe both should've had.

Early reports about Papi suggest he'll miss a month but could need season-ending surgery. Which would stink, of course, but like I've said a million times, our lineup is good enough so that if a piece falls out, we can still win. That is, if the pitching holds up. You'd rather lose your best hitter than your #1 starter. Hopefully Papi is back soon.

I love how the night before Joba the Slut makes his first start, the Yanks have to bring in Farnsworth for the 8th inning role, and he gives up the winning run. Maybe he'll blow Joba's start, too!

The decision on the old-timey wrapups: I have decided I want to do them all the time. But I reserve the right to change that. Sometimes after a loss the last thing you want to do is spend a lot of time trying come up with descriptive phrases and wacky nicknames. Then again, isn't that what I've always done? I don't know, it would be cool to be known as, among other things, the blog that does the 1910's-style wraps, but I think I'm still easing into it.

Re. the old-timey recaps - you're doing a better job than Robert Weintraub on Deadspin (don't know if you've seen them).

Great post the other day on Manny's 500th. My sister in law was there and she said she felt almost like she was at Fenway w/ all the Sox fans.

Keep up the great work on the blog.
Thanks. Haven't been to that site since like '06. Good to hear I'm doing a better job than whatever it is they're doing.
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