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Yanks @ Sox, 4/13/2008: Yanks As Cold As The Night

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I parked over by the MFA. Free meters on Sunday. If you pay for parking for a Sunday game, you're a lost cause. Here's a nice shot I got of the Pru, the 'cock, and the R2-D2 building. Aka the three off-to-the-side Boston skyscarpers, i.e. the area that we people not from Boston thought was the entire city until, like, a few years ago.

Manny spitting.

Manny chats with Jon Miller. Miller had a crazy tie on which I forgot to get a picture of.

Posada laughing. I assume he was asked if he could throw to second. That'd be my reaction to that question. Also, return of Durham Bulls hat guy!

Theo talking to Gammons.

Manny making a weird face.

It was really cold. Coldest game of the year. Worse than being under the roof on Opening Day. I thought I was getting frostbite on my hands in the second inning.

More Theo/Gammo action.

Can Bobby Abreu look more like a dunce in this shot?

Manny chats with A-Rod.

Tony Pena framing Youk, who can't quite reach a BP grounder.

The Pru, etc., again.

Mariano tosses, laughs about Posada's arm.

Wang teaches other Yankees how to take a dump.

Another Fenway scene or whatever.

Alex Rod. Took a lot of heat in warmups. He missed several fungo grounders--always met with a great reaction. At one point he got a giggle out of a "You suck, A-Rod" coming from a very, very young boy.

Joe Morgan has a laugh with A-Rod and wishes it could last forever as Alex walks away.

The D2, with sun hitting just one of it's many sides.

Looking down from the top of section 1 into the big concourse.

Better get used to those bars, Phil Hughes.

The bundled-up bullpen.

A Yankee-hater, as Joba enters the pen behind him.

Coco started in center, and Jaboby was in left, with Manny at DH and Papi resting. First inning, first warm-up toss, and Coco throws it over Jacoby's head....

...and jacoby has to retrieve, as fans mistakenly think he'll just skip warmups and give THEM the ball.

Jacoby on third. Too bad he didn't start Friday night, or we could've swept.

Abreu in right with his silver glove. Friday and Sunday night, I sat behind Bobby. He took constant heat through each game. It was awesome. Last night's hecklers ("Watch Manny carefully, Bobby! Free lesson faw ya!") were much more creative than Friday's guys ("Go back to Philly!"), as hecklers go.

Our boy Bobby after going into the corner after a ground-rule double.

The view from the second row of the bleachers. I did have a very large man on my right and a very large woman on my left for a little body heat, but still, I thought several times about packing it in early. But you know me--I never do it. However, I came close when it was 10:00 in the fourth inning! Oh, and what I haven't told you about the new bleacher seats is that the seat-part automatically goes to the upright position--doesn't stay down like the other seats and like the old bleacher seats. Makes it easier to walk down an empty row, if nothing else.

Sox take a big lead. So great to knock around one of their many assumed-to-be-Cys. Hughes had thrown, I believe, five thousand pitches through two innings.

"Sports fan irony" is getting *very* mainstream. Surprisingly, they showed this sign on the scoreboard. I had the perfect view of the sign with it up on the board behind it, but I couldn't get the camera out in time.

Two Yankee fan girls are ejected, a cop in front and a cop behind to prevent an escape. On this night, it would be the classic steady stream of ejections in the bleachers and RF grandstand.

Papelbon in the big coat.

Okay, so after 6, I went up to the standing room area. Stayed there for an inning, starting to scout for a good seat. The game was getting closer, but it had been well over three hours, it was a school night, and everyone was chilled to the Terry Bohner, so people did leave. Got this spot in the loge. Here's HGHiambi at the plate.

Timlin pitches to the sea-creature, just before he'd hit another dong off of Mike. Fortunately Lopez saved the night, despite Yankee fan arrogance reaching pre-'04 levels in the crowd. They've just got nothin'. It's so fun. Yup, keep thinkin' the Red Sox will always choke and the Yanks will always prevail with the help of whatever magic ghosts and hexes, while we keep rackin' up titles, and the Yanks continue to not.

Ellsbury coming up.

Lugo at the plate. The best part of this game was when Posada came in, and the Red Sox, knowing he has a dead arm, just stole second every time. He didn't even attempt a throw. Awesome.

Coco goes from second to third on a flyout.

Jacoby up.

For these national games, sometimes Kapstein has to get up to let a camera roll by.

The Red Sox make a pitching change at 11:59.

And here was the scene at midnight.

A-Rod struck out in the ninth, to the delight of me.

Final: Red Sox 8, Yanks less than 8.

Papi in his big coat and oven mitt.

I got home and was bringing my cord that connects cam era to laptop from one room to the next, and Amazing Larry started attacking. So I kept swinging it, trying to get a shot with the other hand, all while timing the flash. Got a pretty good one.

So we take two out of three from the Yanks, who move into last place. Dice-K did well enough, though he threw a lot of pitches and took a REALLY LONG time in the FREEZING COLD. Hughes stunk. Damon hitting into the DP was key. AS is Sean Casey hitting for us.

Sox at Indians, in a half hour.

I saw that very same "ironic" sign on opening day! It was way up in the bleachers near the nosebleeds of Sec 1, where I was sitting, non-ironically. Weird.

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