Saturday, April 12, 2008

Yanks @ Sox, 4/11/2008: Dicks On The Pond

When the Yanks have the bases loaded, I alter the baseball term "ducks on the pond" into "dicks on the pond." And since this gallery is loaded with Yankees on a wet field--well, there you go. Above, Andy Pettitte drops to his knees but makes a *quick* recovery and stands up again. Click all to enlargify.

The Moose gettin' serious. I got to the park when the gates opened, and the tarp was on the field. No Red Sox players out there, but a group of Yanks was out throwing and jogging.

Joba the slut.

Another shot of the liar and the scoreboard.

Terrible Joba's glove. It says "K.V.C." on it. He's got a two-year old named Karter so I figure those are his initials.

Inanimate Rod tosses a ball to a fan to feel loved. I like the ball in this shot. Usually when I get a pic of a ball in flight it's just a white dot, but here you can see the seams. (Ball at right edge of pic.)

More dicks on the pond for ya.

Mo Rivera, Slobba, and some other dude running.

I like how you can see a 22 inside the door of the scoreboard.

The past and the never.

Mo signing autographs. Some stupid girl right next to me told him he was the greatest closer ever, and I told her she was thinking of Papelbon, loud enough for Mo to hear. I'm sure with that sense of humor he has he couldn't handle that one.

Jeter seemed fine, yet didn't play and won't today either. Poor baby....

The frak of nature up close. During the game, I sat right behind the Yankee bullpen. A guy in front of me told a story of how last year he was yelling insults at Joba, and Joba was getting pissed and yelling back through the fence, "I'm gonna kill you." (I just noticed I left an e out of "freak." But I like it better that way. He's a frak of nature.)

The umbrellas were up in the Monster Seats. The day was not cold, but the dampness of your clothes from the on-and-off drizzle made it uncomfortable much of the time.

Legendary Yankee shortstops, Bobby Meacham and Derek Jeter.

The eyes were so calm I fell asleep and woke up in the third inning in the third base coaches box.

I love rainy pictures. It seems like every third game I go to at Fenway is a rain event.

A Go Sox sign on the new mega-building going up on Boylston, a block away from Fenway.

The scoreboard with tarp in foreground.

Dan in a fog.

More tarp action.

The '07 banner behind the '04 banner on Yawkey way.

The crazy overcast is what kept it mild. I effed with this pic to bring out the clouds.

The mound (at left) under the tarp.

As the tarp comes off for the first time, the tail end of it flips up and drops some water.

Another shot I messed with to show the really cool sky.

The crew.

One dude goes down....

The crew pulling the tarp.

It was Native American Night at Fenway. They've been celebrating a different culture each night for the past few. Is it just me or was this not really promoted at all?

Under the grandstand, another place for the banners.

Looking out across Yawkey Way, and right into the lit up souvenir store. Right at the spot I'm standing in, there's that ramp that goes up to the top of the grandstand. Next to that, they've added a staircase that goes right up. Another good move to get people in and out quicker.

BucHHolz warms up while the Native Americans dance.

The rain gear was out.

Clay on the mound, from my fifth row bleacher seat. Sunday, I'll be in the second row. All face value, no ticket agencies needed. It was so funny hearing the people around me talk about how much they paid. These two incredibly drunk (and, briefly, shirtless) dudes were so psyched to have paid a scalper 40 bucks each right before the game. Then a guy near them, says, "150. Ebay." Then another guy calmly says "26." That's face value. Then he explained something to everyone that I couldn't hear--but I assume he went online a few night ago like I did and just bought them from the ticket office. That's my boy!

Yes, I was trying to make it look like a tiny Drew was standing on the fence.

Streaks of water going down the Monster.

Papi up against Wang, who only allowed two hits in a complete game win in which he threw less than 100 pitches.

The championship flag flies in the rain. This was during the one real downpour of the night.

I finally left that bleacher seat in the seventh to get some closer views. On my way I got this shot from that area atop the first base grandstand.

Lugo tosses to Youk.

Papi through the screen.

A man on base for the Red Sox! Coco bunted in the ninth. One more baserunner and Papi would've been the tying run at the plate, but it wasn't to be.

It was a fun night, the usual Yankee game crowd, with constant noise and yelling and buzzing and fights. Not the steady stream of ejections in the bleachers, but, hey, it's only April. There's time.


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