Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A Bit Of Trash

You know Trash? Not the stuff, the record store. As in Trash American Style in Danbury, CT. If you're from CT you know it. Anyway, terribly, they got screwed out of their lease after decades on Mill Plain Road (also home of such 'Jere's childhood' hotspots as "the 7-Eleven" and "Rollerland" and the "Mini Golf course which also had a batting cage which featured 'the Goose' (paragraph 7)" and the "world's tiniest Subway location" and "the other Duchess Diner" and "the Ethan Allen Inn where I used to go to baseball card shows" and "the Windmill Diner" and "Brown Video--the first video store we ever went to in like '84" and "the old location of Ultimate Video" and "that one baseball card shop." What a road it was!).

It's really too bad because Trash was more than a record store, it was a gathering place. I am proud to say I played in two bands that played shows in the store, and met a lot of great people because of the place. And much of my record/cd collection came from Trash. All people around there can do now is wait for it to reappear in a new location.

In the meantime, Malcolm Tent, spiritual co-leader of Trash, is still doing his radio show, which you can listen to on the web at wnhu.net. It's on Tuesday's, 2-4 PM, but he's doing a special show to night at 10 PM. Tune in! (click at the top right of their page where it says Live Stream.) He's always fun to listen to, and he will turn you on to some music you've never heard before.

There's a documentary coming out about the death of the independent record store, which will feature Trash. Here are the Trash clips:

I don't think I ever went in that place.

Not sure if you've seen Mill Plain Road in a while, but every time I drive on it when I'm back visiting my parents, I'm shocked at how much stuff is on there.
I haven't been there in while. But it seems like the Super Stop & Shop going up was the first step to it becoming almost like a middle-America, strip-mall, fast food, state road/main drag.

And so many times between its closing in like '88 and the early '00s, I said I'd go photograph the overgrown mini-golf course. And finally one day it was a car dealership and I'd missed my chance. I do have an old scorecard from there, though.

Another big move in MPR history was that new shopping center down by exit 2A/2B, with the Trader Joe's. And before that, putting in the gas station right there, in that area that used to be a whole lotta nothing plus the inappropriately named Connecticut Limo.

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