Sunday, December 16, 2007

This Is Amazing

Remember when I linked that random Fenway picture and figured out the moment it took place? Well, one of those times? This was the time in October when I saw the pic on Youkilis' blog. Click here if you missed it.

Remember the article I linked which proved when the pic was from? It was all about how Pettitte got injured on the play and left the game. So when Pettitte said he used HGH to "heal" from a 2002 injury, I thought back to that. Granted, it took a couple of days before it actually hit me. But I thought back to the pic, and looking at the pitcher, trying to figure out if he looked like he might just have hurt himself, since that's what the article said. So I went back to my post, and sure enough, the pic was from '02!

So that's the moment. That's the exact pitch where Andy hurts his elbow, leaves the game and doesn't return to action for two months--but only two months thanks to the HGH he took in the meantime.

Note: I could've just re-posted the pic and said, Hey everybody, I found a shot of the exact moment when..... But I think it's amazing enough as it is, that A. the photo exists and B. I already had it on my blog before this whole thing went down.

Haha...From your 10/8/07 entry..."hoe day games". Must not have been a big success 'cause I haven't heard of any more in the ensuing years.
Oh, and if you ever become a detective, I hope you're never looking for me! You are relentless. :)

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