Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Cha-Ching Men, Wang

Let's get right to the part where I stand arm-in-arm with Sam Horn. Tonight, Kim and I went to the Wang Theatre for the premiere of the 2007 World Series Film. As you can see, neither Sam nor I dressed up for the event.

We got there for the red carpet walk. We were in a weird spot as far as getting pictures goes. Too dark for when people were in front of us, and too far away from the bright area, which is shown above, and where people were walking away from us.

We saw Magadan, Tito, the Dropkick Murphys. None of those shots came out, but above you see Curt with his family.

And I had to seriously brighten this shot of Lucchino.

We finally just decided to go inside and wait. I figured we'd go right to our seats and sit there. But we ended up with a better view of the celebrated guests coming into the lobby. Above, Curt in the middle with a hundred people taking his picture.

Glen Geffner with Dr. Charles Steinberg, who, I found out when we got home, is leaving the Red Sox! He'll become a Dodger, but says he'll still see to it that Neil Diamond sings Sweet Caroline on Opening Day next season.....

After the lobby, you enter a grand room with chandeliers and tuxedos and balconies and people named Muffy and everything. They put a bunch of Red Sox and World Series stuff around the room. You can see Terry Francona, with a light shining on him, across the room in the balcony.

Here, Tito, now closer to us, eats wangs-in-a-blanket or whatever. While standing in this spot, Joanna, aka Empy, walks right by. So we chatted with her for a while. (You'll probably see this same shot of Tito at her blog, only better. I have to say, this whole night proved challenging to the budding photographer. Just odd lighting all around. I did my best.)

They put the Chan in chandelier. At this point, we headed into the actual theater part o the place. I got my tickets right when they went on sale, but I checked yesterday to see how many seats were left. It seemed like a lot were. Sure enough, there were a lot of empty seats in the balcony, where we were. But it is a huge theater. Still, we were able to move closer once the film started.

Looking to the left.

And looking up.

Geffner and Roche hosted, and started by introducing a bunch of old-time Sox. I assumed Gedman would be included, as he's local and always seems to be at these events. Unfortunately, though, all these guys just stood up at their seats, and from the balcony, we saw nothing. In fact, as the players were called up to the stage, they must've done their wave-and-bow in front of it, out of our view. By the time we got a glimpse of anybody, they were climbing up on the stage as if their turn in the spotlight was over. It was kind of weird. Here's Curt Schilling on the mic. (Oh, and I was right, Geddy was introduced, and the idiot next to me booed. Part of the reason we moved was because this guy kept talking, including seeing Manny in his suit in the movie and going "what?!"--giving away the fact that he missed this when it happened--and yelling out "he must've stole it!" And then the guy gets up to leave, probably for the bathroom, in an event that lasted an hour, meaning we were the only ones who had to get up and miss part of the thing in the entire balcony. But ask anyone who knows me, these jerks are attracted to me in crowds like mammals to air.)

They came up one by one. Curt brought up the '04 trophy, and Lucchino brought the '07. Above, left to right, it's Manny Delcarmen, Magadan, Curt, Geffner, Tito, Roche.

Lucchino with the trophy. Before the film started, Roche told us there'd be a part at the end that Matt Damon, the narrator, threw in that "won't be on the DVD." Sweet. The movie was great. I had steady goosebumps, which is rare in real life. After this loooong season, it was good to just sit back and watch the whole thing go by, wrapped up nicely, knowing it would end in jubilation. Toward the end, I got my camera ready to film this secret Matt Damon part. Unfortunately, it came with no warning. So you may never see it. But I can tell you what it was, and it was awesome. He gave a few facts, wrapping the whole thing up by saying the Red Sox won the division for the first time in 12 years "leaving an empire in its wake," won the AL in amazing fashion again, and became the first team to win two championships in the 21st century. To that he added, "suck on it, New York." Of course, I started taping after this, in case there was more stuff like that, but no. There was just a segment showing what went to Cooperstown, and then it was over. But I love how Matt did that. I hope somebody taped it.

Now in the lobby again, and it's "wait for Gedman" time. First we saw Sam Horn, and Kim was nice enough to get my pic with him. He was really nice about it, and I shook his hand. I started spotting players, including Bob Montgomery, who was the Red Sox TV color man when I was growing up. He also was the last to wear number 10 before Geddy, a fact I reminded him of at Autograph Alley in 2004. I can assure you he did NOT care. (Kim, after I took that pic of him: "I hope that's his daughter." Well, either it is or he's showing that girl the "inner hard shell" of his "cap" right now. Sorry, uniform-trivia joke. Which makes no sense.)

And this is that dude from the Murphys. The tall one. I think.

Horn hung around for a while. Got another candid one of him. Also saw the big dog--the nickname I've given to that main autograph hound who's always hanging around the players' lot, and all these events. Earlier this year I noted that he kind of cleaned himself up. Tonight, he was back to the "sweats and mussed hair, and I don't mean stylishly mussed, I mean drunk and/or slept til 6 PM mussed" look. While waiting for Gedman, we also spotted Kelly and Cyn! So there were five of us Red Sox blogger types, in a big room with Sam Horn and stuff. Those two and Empy were in the lower section, and they made me feel better by not only saying they thought of me when they heard Gedman's name (yes!), but said they don't even think he stood up when his name was called. So I didn't really miss him. But I do feel like while I was getting the Monty shot, he may have walked out right past me. Either that or he snuck out early. It's a shame, because my confidence was ridin' high after having approached Sam Horn, so I really think I could've gotten my pic taken with Rich.

One last funny (to me) story. Okay, these last few years going to games, I've seen the rise of this one security dude on Yawkey Way. He's a young dude with really blue eyes. I call him Young Blue Eyes. He used to help out at Gate A. Now he's basically in charge of Gate A, telling the younger kids where to put the turnstiles and stuff. You've probably seen this guy, if not there, then behind Tina Cervasio when she does the in-game updates from Canvas Alley. He's the guy sitting behind her discouraging fans from waving in the background. Now, at one point, I realized that the guy who walks on stilts on Yawkey Way looks a lot like Young Blue Eyes. I kept telling people, whenever Tina would come on TV, "see that security guy behind her? He's GOT to be the brother of that stilts guy, look at him!" Stay with me now. Tonight, as everyone was clearing out, a young couple asked me if I had a pen. I was wearing Large Marge (my large jacket made by "Schott," get it?), so I knew I had a pocket full of 'em. I gave them one, knowing they were looking for a Sam Horn autograph, as Sam was still right near us. As we're about to leave, I realize they've still got the pen. I look over, and they're turning toward me to give it back, and the guy is showing me a sign he's made that says "WE HAVE YOUR CAMERA," which they're holding up, since they found a camera someone had lost. Seemed like a wacky dude. I'm about to turn away when I realize I recognize this guy. It's Young Blue Eyes! So I say, "Hey, I recognize you from Yawkey Way." He shakes my hand, introduces himself to us, and says, "Yeah, I'm usually a little taller," just as Kim is saying, "yeah, we see you peering out from behind Tina Cervasio." Everyone's doing the friendly laugh as we walk away. It quickly hits me. Taller. That's not the security guy, it's the stilts guy! So we'd both separately recognized him as the wrong guy, yet both said things that COULD apply to him anyway! Especially the Yawkey Way line, as that's his exclusive territory in pre-games. Isn't that weird? And it all makes sense, because stilts guy is totally wacky, while YBE is all business. Are those guys twins or what? Does anyone know?

Oh, and everyone there got a free copy of the DVD. Pretty good deal for 25 bucks.
I loved that story, and your writing. I have the DVD on order from Amazon, and it will be in next week. And you made me even more psyched!!Thanks Jere....
Hi Jere: First time commenting on your blog...I am a reader/friend of Red Sox Chick/Cyn. I too was at the DVD premeire last night, and noted my head in one of your pictures from the red carpet. Amusing! My son works at the souvenir store, and he knows "Big League Brian" (stilt guy) so I will check with him to see if your mystery can be solved. He might know if they are one and the same guy. Will let you know when I find out! Great blog by the way!

What a small world! I'm so glad I found this great post. I am "the other half" of the young couple! Brian & I left the camera with the staff after we took our photo with it. (I still wonder if they got their camera back & what they thought of our pictures.) Anyway, I would be happy to answer the question about Big League Brian. His brother does not work on Yawkey Way. If you go to a game next season, please be sure to say hi to Brian & remind him that you are the pen-lenders. I can't wait to tell him about your blog. Thanks again! Enjoy the off-season! Go Sox!
That's so cool! Okay, so no relation between Big League Brian and the security guy.

But isn't that crazy, that after talking to Brian for a couple of seconds, I came right out and said "I know you from Yawkey Way," only to have actually been thinking of someone else? But who also happens to work on Yawkey Way? Making him think I did know which guy he was? Only for me to have realized who he was five seconds later?

If I'd realized it right away, I probably would've started asking him all the questions he gets all the time anyway. ("How do you stay up there???) But I really would like to know. I mean, he walks on those things so confidently. I also like his line about how you can be a fan of any team as long as it's not the Yankees. Something like that. Much funnier, though.

Okay, so, cool, thanks for commenting--glad I could help with the pen. And, about the camera, you guys actually starting taking shots with it? That's awesome! I hope the people got it back and appreciate your work!

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