Monday, October 22, 2007

My AL Championship Celebration Pictures/Videos

Final out (GooTube version):

What I didn't explain last night was that I didn't record the actual catch because the triangle was completely obscured from my point of view. And I'd seen the bullpen guys putting their feet up on the ledge to test whether the wall would be "jumpoverable," so I wanted to get a shot of them anyway.

Then, a second later, I zoom in and continue recording the celebration:

These vids are crystal clear on the camera or in the QuickTime player--it's a shame GooTube makes them look so crappy. But you get the idea.

Click each pic to enlarge.
Above: The initial celebration starts to die down, as the players are about to head to the locker room for the "private" celebration.

Jere, seemingly in a state of shock. I had no idea the clock had just struck midnight when I snapped the pic.

One final shot from center field. I wanted to get to the dugout for the on-field celebration, so I waited until the very moment where the bleacher crowd started to head for the exits, after we watched the trophy presentation on the board. I had the runway right next to me, so I knew I could beat them out if I made my move at the right time. I booked it underneath the stands over toward first, and then snaked through the crowd to get a similar spot to the night of the AL East clinch.

And here we go again. At first it was The Papi Show.

Ortiz took the American League championship trophy and placed it on the rubber. After each player picked it up, they placed it back there.

Clayton with kid, Papi, Snyder (who loooves to celebrate), and Kielty.

Clayton's kid rounded the bases to the delight of the crowd, and was picked up upon reaching home.

Papi and, to the right...Castiglione! I regretted not getting a pic of him on AL East night, and honestly, I didn't see him last night--until I looked at my pics later. Got a nice shot of him, considering I didn't know he was there. It's kind of like how I got this great video of Gedman at the 2004 Rolling Rally, but didn't notice at the time that he was even there.

Lots of players' kids were running around.

I love this one. Papelbon, the only one in focus, as he dances across the top of the dugout.

Timlin tapes Papi, Theo.

Schilling raises trophy and tells crowd "one more series." (Or "we're number one in the AL.") Below, Snyder, Pap's wife, Pap.

Youk holding trophy.

Timlin kissing trophy.

Papelbon pouring entire beer on trophy.

Schilling and the fam.

Pap's Grateful Dead T-shirt-wearin' wife tapes as he runs out to get the bullpen cop.

And the bullpen cop is gotten.

Kielty and family.

Cora, again directing the music, from the field and later from the booth. (There was some kind of SNAFU when they played Shipping Up To Boston for Pap's dance--it stopped toward the end and started over. Twice. There's no bigger crowd buzzkill than a song playing twice in a row, let alone three times.)

Another of my favorite shots, as they return from the bullpen cop-douse. I like shots of a group of people walking, but staggered, not in a perfect row. I saw this phenomenon, and chose a random three to get in frame, and I think it worked.

Papi got on the mic, and his first order of business was to direct us in a wave! With a raise of his hand, he made it go all the way around beautifully.

Papi and Lugo, with Papelbon at right.

My best attempt at a cigar-smoke shot. Timlin and Pap.

Papelbon doing "the dance."

Papelbon and Timlin dancing with the Dropkick Murphys.

Finally, a shot with Lowell visible.


Snyder doing the Okee Dokee.

Good group shot, and Manny Delcarmen makes an appearance.

About to take a group photo, when they all suddenly look right at me and imitate my shocked look in the bleachers!

And the smiles return for the group shot.

NECN's Crazy Chris!

Again, it was a loooong celebration.

Dice and Okajima pose with the Japanese flag.

A happy Lester with his lady friend or whatever.

And again for the entire thrall of Japanese media.

Theo does it again.

Amazing job coming back from a 3-1 defecit, Red Sox. The best team, the most fun. AL champs.

My next post will be photos from the game itself. (Now up--click here.)

Hey Jere,
Great pics! I'm really glad that you were there. If anyone deserves it, it's gotta be their biggest, most optimistic fan. Did ya' ever notice that Paplebon spelled backwards is Noble Pap?
Great job!
Phenomenal. Great job. Watching NESN on Direct TV from Manhattan wasn't quite the same experience, but I'll take it.

Hope you luck into some WS tix so we can see more.
great pics Jere. Thanks so much for posting them.
Awesome! Your pictures are great! Hope you get a chance to be there when they take it all, as well.
Ummm, actually I meant Papelbon, of course.
13 years later I might wanna reply to these comments...
pweezil: Ha! Never noticed that. But yeah it'd be Nobel Pap, he could add that prize to his trophy case.
Jay: Thanks, and glad you enjoyed it from NYC! And as it turns out, I did get WS 2013. And 2018. (And 2015 and 2019 in other cities.) But I had never been to a WS game before this post, so an ALCS Game 7 was the best I'd ever done....
SFSF: Thanks! And you're welcome.
Unknown: Thank you. And see above.

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