Wednesday, October 31, 2007

My 2007 Rolling Rally Pictures (The Half Shot By My Dad)

Okay, people, here are the still shots my dad and I got today. Later today I'll post video stills and I'll actually describe the day. [Update: Here are the video stills. And click here to buy the uncut video on DVD, which includes the 2004 rally. Thanks.] Click to enlarge.
Moon above the barricades, well before the parade came by.


Cops with barricade head for toilet paper finish line.

And he wins!

Me filming while my dad takes over the still camera.

Henry, with Lucchino kind of visible.


Johnny Pesky.


My dad is quite proud of this Jon Lester shot.

Manny Delcarmen with drumsticks. They had actual drums, too. Lopez at left.

Okajima with trophy.

Papelbon playing the broom with Dropkick Murphys.

Army dude with trophy.

Coco and Drew.

Big Papi.

Manny and Papi.

Lowell tapin'.

A dog in a Pedro shirt. Camera back in my hands now.

We went over to the water.

City of Boston.

Great pics Jere ... i can't wait to see the video you got. How exciting ... I vow to be present for the next one!
wow, great pics jere! what time did you guys get there at? and which part of the route was this at?
Thanks, novy and Tim. All questions will be answered in the next post:)
you know ... there is but one player on this team I do not love and that would be Gagne ...

the 2007 Red Sox are just amazing ... this is pure joy seeing it twice in my lifetime !

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