Thursday, June 14, 2007

Rockies At Red Sox, June 13th, 2007

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It was my usual cold, gray, drizzly Fenway day...only it was mid-June. TJ, Mother Nature! I didn't do the batting practice thing, partly due to her antics. Was fitting to have this London-esque weather for the Fogg vs. Schilling match-up.

So suddenly the game has begun. I decide to grab a spot in the new standing room behind third base. Poles were aplenty, but I worked around them. Here's Youk on deck.

Here's their boy Fogg.

Here's Big Papi headed for the dugout. Am I the only one who pre-emptively refers to Logan airport as David Ortiz airport? I mean, eventually, right? Who's Logan, anyway? I think soon we'll all be talking about "flying in to Big Papi."

Here's Schill with men on, as was usually the case tonight. Yes, I blame Lugo entirely for a 12-2 loss. Did Schilling piss him off or something? This is two games in a row he's effed up for Curt.

Here's Lowell after hitting his homer. At this point, we still had a chance.

Papi on second.

Manny, Lugo, and Lowell.

Some Rocky Mountains.

After six, we were way down, and people stopped feeling the need to sit out in the cold. So I headed for better seats. I could see some between home and first, so I went there. Here's Youk on deck again, only now from a richer person's perspective.

Papi picked up a ball, causing lots of of humans to beg him for it.

Youk up. I love this view.

Papi up. Also, I still love this view.

Papi looking sad, as if the infield of his soul had just been raked.

Drinkwater. I think Kapstein may have actually left by this point.

Pineiro on the hill.

A lady with a crazy outfit, including Fenway Park on her head. I wish I'd gotten a better shot of her, but this is it. I brightened it for you non-Mac people.

After eight, a whole lot of people were probably already home in bed. So I went behind the plate and sat there, in mid-June, mind you, with my hood up.

Here's Timlin dealing.

Even the Pru had pretty much said nighty-night.

More Timlin action, as the rain started to fall, and I shivered like a really skinny dude.

A really weird shot of Wily Mo.


Great pics, Jere...but you have to admit, Curt effed his own self up pretty well last night-nine hits and five earned runs in five innings pitched. Yuck. Not the way to convince the brass you're worth a two-year extention.
But you're also right that maybe Julio just needs to go grab some bench for a couple of games and get his head together.

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