Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Father's Day On The Fenway Field

Left: Me. Right: My dad. Us: On Fenway field! The deal was that you were allowed to have a catch with your dad on the field after the game. My cousin Amy was at the game, too (and took the above pic), and brought her dad, the infamous Uncle Bubs, older bro of my dad. The last time we'd been at Fenway Park with Bubs was in 1995. Tim Wakefield started that day, and he started on this day. Two Wakefield wins, almost twelve years apart. Click here for the '95 boxscore. Three other players from that day were on the field on Sunday. (Click each pic to enlarge.)

Two of the greatest numbers in the arabic numeral system. (This is a closeup of Fenway's manual (person-ual?) scoreboard on the Green Monster.)

The ladder (in play!) on the Green Monster. One of my favorite parts of Fenway.

Everyone seemed to want to point up at us in first place as they posed for pics.

Looking right up the Monster.

The left field corner. Yes, I realize you can see all this stuff on the Fenway tour. They herded us around the warning track first, before handing out little balls for us to play catch with. We're almost on the field, don't worry....

The urinal at the end of the visitors' dugout.

In center field. Hey, I never said infield. Of course they're not gonna let us mess that up. But we were free to roam anywhere on the outfield. (Bottom right: Does that guy look like Josh Beckett or what?)

My feet on the Fenway field.

You can see how crowded and chaotic things were. I originally took this picture to show these kids lying in the grass. Look closely and you can see one. And yes, Amy and I were the oldest "kids" on the field--both of us older than many of the dads out there.

What Randy Kutcher's view looked like. (Except for the mass of humanity on the field, of course.)

Prudential building over the bleachers.

This ground-level shot came out great, I think.

Looking through the gate in the center field wall, right through to Lansdowne Street. This was where we entered and exited the field. Supposedly there's going to be a new restaurant out here where you can out onto the field....

...and the view would look something like this.

Bonus section! Amy took lots of great pics on Sunday, too. She sent me some (thanks, Amy!):

If this guy can be governor of New Hampshire, then...uh...Dustin Pedroia can start for the Red Sox. Or something. (Amy is a lifelong New Hampshire type.)

She got a shot of my dad and I in the bleachers from her seat in section 15. See the guy at the top looking through binoculars? That's my dad, and to his left is me. You can see the Giants fans directly in front, behind, and to the left of me.

Really nice shot of Bonds' cheet swing. Did I spell sweet with a "ch"? Whoops.

The classic "Papi up with Manny on deck" shot. Amy's clearly an expert on these action shots.


If you missed it, my pics from Sunday's game are below, or click here.

Ahhh, Randy Kutcher...Dana Keicker...those were the good old days!
Thanks for posting my pics, Jere. I had a great time at the game! The Bonds pic is pretty good, I thought. It was from his first at bat. (Not the homer.)

The only thing that would have made the day better (for me) would have been a homer (or two) from Papi. (Please disregard the ball on the ground in his action shot. :-) )

I love the pic of you and your dad in front of the GM.
Yeah, it was a lot of fun! That reminds me, I forgot to credit you with taking that pic of us. I'll do that...
Lovin' the pics, Jere and Ame. Wish I was there too.
We wished you were there, too!

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