Thursday, April 12, 2007

Daisuke Matsuzaka's First Fenway Game (Part Two)

Click these to enlarge.
Okay, here he is, pitching to Ichiro. But now back to the pre-game....

The new area behind the left field grandstand is sweet. To the left of this is even more space, with a couple of food vendors, Wally's area, and the new Autograph Alley.

You can look out windows to Lansdowne Street.

One window was open, but I couldn't get this one to. (Empy secretly snapped this shot of me.)

Pat and Empy totally see something out the window and call attention to it.

Pat admires Thing 1 and Thing 2.

There are weird new tunnels behind the third base grandstand.

Dice comes out of the dugout for the first time.

Dice in the outfield.


Bottom left: Empy, in red. Right: the field. What a sweet seat.

The Monster and the King.

Dice again.

The Lucchino streak continued, as Empy pointed him out, walking right past us in the grandstand. Here he is on the field.

Dustin on one leg.

Some dudes.

The two classics.

Dice on the hill.

Check out Manny in this shot.

Papi at the plate as Manny looks on.

Dice at the top of his wind-up.

Dice throws.

'Rite-K confers with Dice-K.

Manny swings.

JD. Not the one from Le Tigre. She has darker facial hair.

The heat twins.

Dusin draws a walk.

Dice with flag.

Okay, people, I have to go out to Fenway now and catch pneumonia. I have some video clips which I'll try to post later...

Sweet pics, Jere! Cyn is going to this afternoon's game, tomorrow night's game, Saturday's game (with me), Sunday's game, and Monday morning's game (with me). So I'll be cold, but she'll be Ted-cold. Brrrrrr.
Thanks! I'm also in for today, tomorrow, Sat, and maybe Sun. Just got back from today's "game," though, with only wetness to show for it. And some rainy pics, going up soon.
nice Pics Jere!! opening day in texas was practice for me in photo taking with my new camera...May's pics should be even better.
Thanks, Tex. That'll be sweet! I really appreciate it.

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