Friday, April 13, 2007

4/12/07: Pee-peed, Rain

Got totally drenched yesterday, and all I've got to show for it is a few lousy pics. This is the shot from my would've-been seat. Click to enlarge.

I never even got to see the green uniforms. Which may be a good thing. But here are the Celts' banners on the Monster.

And down they came, in preparation for the 4:05 start, which we all knew wasn't happening. You can see the Auerbach banner still up in the middle. [This pic is also proof that the media makes stuff up sometimes--here's a line from a article: "For a short period, handlers managed to hang Celtics championship banners from the Green Monster. But as the rain and sleet bore down, the banners were pulled up." Nope. Pulled down. Terrible job.]

Looking from the park out onto a barren Yawkey Way, with my birth-year prominently displayed.

Ladies and gentlemen, my 1,000th Fenway rain-out. At least the Fen-wait was only about an hour or so this time. I'll be back there for tonight's game, if my sneakers dry out in time.


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