Monday, February 19, 2007


Today, I decided to go 100 blocks north to the George Washington Bridge. I've driven over it so many times; I wanted to walk across it for a change. Click the pics for enlargement, please.
I thought this was as close as I was gonna get at first, as I couldn't figure out how to get to the pedestrian path. I checked for a way on inside a bus station under the roadway leading to the actual bridge. It was so depressing in there. They even had an OTB. I walked around outside some more, only a little intimidated by the group of biker kids, who spend their Sundays doing tricks under the roadway, and almost decided to just go home. Finally, I saw signs for a bike path over the bridge, and followed the arrows. It worked. I made my way up the skinny ramp and onto the bridge.
One guy walked past me, but other than that, there were no people on the bridge. Except for the ones in cars, of course. The walkway was cold and barren and scary. There was only a five-foot high guard rail protecting me from falling to certain death--over 200 feet. And I wasn't even over the water yet. In fact, I didn't even get to the first tower. (Above is looking down the path toward Jersey.) I got some shots of the city and then turned back. I got a pretty good sky for these shots looking south.
Bottom right is the mighty Hudson River. At left you see the buildings of midtown.

Another shot on my way back down the ramp. Almost identical to the first shot. But a little different.
I tried to capture the cool-looking sky once I was back home, with the sun setting in the far background, and the gray swath, and the blue above.

Jere, your new camera is totally awesome. The guy taking the pictures ain't bad either...but the way they enlarge WITH pixels galore is a delight. I'm already looking forward to your upcoming Fenway pics! Good job!
You made me homesick.

I used to walk across the GW bridge all the time, from my place on the NY side to my mom's place on the NJ side. It's a great walk.


Thanks for the pics.
No problem. It seems like every time I've driven across, there were always plenty of people walking. I just figured joggers, walkers and bikers who live up there are constantly on the bridge. But there wasn't anybody up there yesterday. It was eerie.

Oh, and mom--I totally wussed out, but the extreme cold and the thought of being blown over the edge weren't helping.
You're right, there are generally plenty of people walking or biking past.

Maybe in the spring, on a beautiful blue-sky day, try again. Be sure to say hello to my mom.

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