Thursday, November 23, 2006


I read this line about the Cubs in a article:

After coming so close in 2003 and then watching the "cursed" Red Sox, Crosstown White Sox and rival Cardinals win the World Series the next three years,

Isn't that weird? I never thought of it that way. Those are the three teams most closely connected to the Cubs (with Padres and Mets right up there, I guess). And they've each won in the last three years, right after the Cubs seemed to be a lock to get into the Series in '03. Maybe this is all leading to a Cubs championship. Right after the Padres and Mets win in '07 and '08...

Or not. It will also be weird if the Cubs reach the 100-year mark in their drought. Good luck, Cubs.

I've always rooted for the Cubs, even AFTER '04. And I thought the feelings were the same coming out of Chi-town. Happy happy Thanksgiving.

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