Wednesday, October 04, 2006

2nd To Last

Dustin Pedroia before the game. This is Saturday, September 30th, 2006. Sox vs. Orioles.

Manny jimmy taps Millar. Warning: lots of Millar to follow.

Trot talks into an odd microphone.

Wakefield shops for his sunflower seeds at Costco.

Everybody loves Melvin Mora.

Millar and Ortiz do an old handshake.

Manny with Predator's hairstyle.

You can see Millar's hand pulling Manny toward him.

Manny seemingly looking at me, but totally not.

Papi and Daniel Cabrera.

Okay, at this point Millar started telling Papi some story.

Papi kept cracking up and trying to turn away because he couldn't take any more. But Kevin kept making him listen, and watch the impressions. He must've been imitating someone.

The impression included someone starting a car, and a weird walk he did with Cabrera.

He ended up on the ground. I think I'll YouTube the entire video. (These are all stills.)

Let me teach you a thing or two about hitting, Melvin.

Sure, lady, I recognize you. I definitely don't think you're stalking me.

Rick Dempsey. I was already thinking of the tarp-sliding the day before they showed him doing it on the scoreboard.

Beautiful day.

Drinkwater was everywhere on this day. Here, a lady points me out as "the guy who used to think Kapstein was you." Actually, I'm at the top of the grandstand, zooming in.

Mr. Werner, I've told you a thousand times, the clubhouse toilet won't stop running...

Drinkwater and Giant Glass donated a bunch of dough via huge check.

Larry Lucchino, John Henry, and Tom Werner have a front office meeting on the field.

Before this game, they honored the employees who reached milestones. Here, one of the famous (this blog only) ticket-taking "twins" is honored for thirty years of service! I had no idea.

Drinky the Kid, aka Springer, walks that kid out for the first pitch, along with Kelly Barons.

This boxer guy from the Domincan Republic puts his belt on Papi.

Three powerful forces. Was cool that Papi went and had a catch before the game. Why not, right?

Ortiz makes Lowell laugh. Also pictured: Trot, Kapler, and Papa Jack.

Larry in the Affleck seats, conferring with the skipper, as Papi looks on. Larry and Tom sat in those sweet seats. From my vantage point at the back of the grandstand on the third base side of home plate, I watched at one point as Larry got up to leave the area. He walked up the aisle, and got stuck behinf the hot dog guy. He ducked down so people could see the game, and instructed the security guy following him to do the same. Then he walked all the way up the grandstand. A few minutes later, he walked right behind me, as he seemed to be circling the park. Is he following me or am I following him?

Schilling almost falls backwards. He's gonna be on celebrity Jeopardy, filmed this weekend at Radio City. Chan and I tried for tickets, and we got our applications in really early, but we got rejected by Trebeck. Oh well.

Millar goofs around with a fan while on deck. Every time he came up, besides being cheered by most, one lady would very loudly shout, "Hey Millahhhhhhh!"

Manny approached the batter's box.

My view.

Lowell grounds one to the left side.

Manny does the old dub-poi.

A view of the wave from whatever you call this area.

Crappy night tonight, as Yanks win, and I forget about Gedman paycheck auction until it was about fifteen minutes too late. Terrible mental mistake by me.

Happy birthday, Chan! 10-4, good buddy. (Isn't that a cool birthdate?)

Happy birthday to Chan, and many more! And Jere, I'm sorry if I didn't catch your drift, but did by being late to the auction deadline mean that someone else had a better bid at the end? I know you're a big number 10 fan. I was too. All heart.
The auuction ended last night at 11. I hadn't bid yet, becuase I didn't want to get into a bidding war, hence making the price go really high. So I decided to wait until the final minutes, and outbid the person who was high-bidder at the time. I looked at the clock and I'd just missed it. Was distracted by Yankee game and posting these pics.

But I'm really pissed because the guy had a number of other paychecks, and I wanted to some of those, even if I couldn't get the Gedman one. There was also a signed pic of Johnny Lazor I missed out on. (An old Sox player I have an interest in.) The guy had a lot of good stuff. Hopefully he puts anything that went unsold up again.

jfAJM: When you asked about me bidding on the Geddy check, I didn't answer because I didn't want to draw attention to the auction, in fear that more people would be involved, hence driving up the price.
Great pictures, as always, Jere. I think they still have websites that will automatically bid on eBay auctions for you at the very last second. eSnipe is one that I used to use back in the old days when I would waste disposable income on stuff like Fred Lynn's 1982 Angels road jersey.

Sorry about the paycheck. The funny thing is, I was almost going to tell you about the Gedman Cardinals BP jersey, but then figured you wouldn't be interested because it wasn't his Sox jersey.
I thought of it earrlier in the night, and could've at least got a bid in multiple times. But it was at 21 dollars, so I figured I'd just go and do one bid at the very end. The jersey: Worn by Gedman, and so cheap, and the guy put up 4 Geddy autographs for a buck each, so I got all 5. (One was the '82 Brigham's/Coke card! Rare enough card, although I have one, but to have that one autographed is a unique item.)

Good to know someone's lookin' out for me, Geddy-wise. But if you do see something I might have missed, shoot me a private email. I'm currently on a peak in the Geddy-watch rollercoaster, though. So, maybe in a month or so if you see something, you'll catch me in a valley and I won't have seen it.
Wow, that Geddy paycheck went for a lot...I think I paid 5 bucks for the Dewey check. Of course, that was 6 years ago, when eBay was new and everything wasn't so picked over.

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