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I'm tellin' ya, people, slide on down to the Triple Rock and catch Reverend Cleophus. By "Triple Rock" I mean "Fenway Park," and by "Reverend Cleophus" I mean "the view from the pavilion seats."

The actual seats cost 90 bucks, but Pat and I got standing room up there on Saturday for 25.

You get a nice little shelf to lean on. The only problem is when everyone in front of you stands up, of course.

Looking down at the third base dugout.

You really get a great view of the city from up there.

This pic and the next one are digital photos as compared to the rest which are still frames.

So, click on this one and the one above, because they enlarge without getting all distorted, unlike the other ones.

We had a gym teacher in 4th grade named Mr. Zoppi. We'd always see him "holding up the wall" before going for his jog. Here, starting pitcher Josh Beckett pulls a Zoppi.

The back of the famous Fenway "1912" sign.

Orlando Cabrera is bald. He got a well-deserved huge ovation on Friday night, but it was more subdued Saturday and Sunday. Gotta love O-Cab.

The pavilion seats were built around the light towers.

That crazy bridge can be seen from up there. We were on the third base side. You have to specifically get those to get over there.

I love this shot. These kids, almost as if it was pre-planned weeks ago, simultaneously dove out onto the dugout roof. How did they even know Ortiz was right below them? They were quickly told to get up seconds after this. This shot reminds me of 1910s kids looking through a hole in a fence to catch a glimpse of Smoky Joe Wood or something.

Papi picks up Orlando, although it looks like O-Cab is making a flying tackle.

They pose in a way that brings back memories of the famous Warner Wolf/Andre the Giant interview.

Vlad joins the fun.

Some hugging and whatnot.

Ortiz swings.

How shitty were the calls in this series? Here Tito argues for the first time.

Hey, you, I know you.

Spin the wheel of fish, Weaver.

Orlando gives jason a tap on the foot with his bat before hitting.

At one point during the game, I looked right and saw Larry Lucchino. A bunch of dudes surrounded him and surely asked him some dumb questions.

Tito argues again. He just couldn't get ejected no matter how hard he tried.

Beckett's follow-through.

Nice catch.

Nice miss.

The Citgo sign reflecting in the glass. And you know how that game turned out. See my video of Ortiz's walk-off hit here.

The sun shining on one-third of Citgo's triangle before Sunday night's game, which I attended with my ladyfriend or what have you.

More Cabrera action. We were basically right below where I'd been the day before.

Hey, you're in the Kap'n's seat. Out!

Kapstein had the ESPN camera right next to him--between him and Drinkwater, actually.

The sun now shines on a different third of Citgo's triangle as it sets.

Schilling pitches with Cabby on deck.

Tito's pissed again. This was on a play where Jason Variek struck out, but went to first and stayed there til Tito was done arguing, despite that the umps called him out and the scoreboard agreed. He must've thought the cacther dropped the ball.

Cabrera. Again.

Okay, I'm down with Affleck, solely because of his being a Sox fan, and maybe a little for appearing in the groundbreaking Voyage of the Mimi, and that whole Good Will Hunting thing, but he could've cost us the game that night. He easily could've taken a foul ball from an Angel player--but let the guy catch it! TJ, Ben! The ball was in the crowd. Reach up for it, man. Garner is to the right, her face mostly concealed by the screen.

Lowell throws his arms up after the ump says he wasn't hit by a pitch when it clearly did.

As people started leaving this 10-4 game, we moved down. Were almost parallel with the Kap'n.

We were that close to Orlando.

The ump mocks a swordfight with Gonzalez, with Cabrera stuck in the middle.


Vlad and Youk.

Then I stopped in CT, and got to see my nieces and nephews, including Emmy, shown here. I know, how predictable is it for a blogger to start breaking out the pics of little kids? But, come on, some of us have really cute relatives.

So, that was my weekend. Now, we're tied for first and the whole team is either injured or Jason Johnson, it seems. Oh well, we'll pull through. So long as the umps don't only call pitches strikes to Yankee batters when they swing, like they did tonight. Welcome to New York, Abreu, where all the calls will go your way. There was also a play in our game where Youk slid into home and the ump decided to call him out, even though I was under the impression that "tagging" involves some type of contact between glove and human. And did you hear Remy and Orsillo announcing the movements of that bird on the field? Totally made up for the loss. As if Seanez wasn't pissed enough at only coming in during blowouts, he has to deal with the whole crowd reacting to a bird while he's pitching. Hilarious, in its own special way.

Cute niece, tell her to stay in school and listen to her parents.

So the Yankees are in first place and the best you can come up with is that the ump blew a call. Is that all you can harp on? I've watched countless Sox games and I've seen umpires blow many calls against whoever the Sox might be playing. Didn't the Blue Jays score ONLY one run? Wasn't the game already tied at that point? Didn't Bernie hit a double two batters later? So if Abreu would have been called out and Posada K's, then Bernie's double means what? Let me doesn't happen. Didn't the Yanks score another run in the 7th?

So, even if they don't get that call they still win the game. But in your world everything is broken down to make everything in your warped little world perfect: Yankees bad, Sawx good. Theo make a trade, work your magic. Theo doesn't do anything. Great job Theo, what a job on your part to not sacrifice the farm to win now. I know you aren't a big fan of FOX news, but your ability to spin is being wasted here on your blog. You can probably be making real money working for FOX News. You are the new Baghdad Bob.

Baghdad Bob: "The pigs are dying in the desert"
Reality: The marines are walking the streets of Baghdad.

Jere: "The Yankees lost by 15 runs today and George Steinbrenner committed suicide"
Reality: Yanks won 5 - 3 and George Steinbrenner just celebrated his 80th b-day.

You took away the ability to have anonymous people commenting on your site, but you have no idea how much you contribute to people going off on you and saying things you don’t find desirable. You are so hateful and devoid of factual information that you don't see how it contributes to an endless cycle of negative comments and people saying shit you don't like. You don't see how you contribute to that entire process. You don't have to love the Yanks, you can still hate them but you can at least write the truth. I probably spend too much of my time watching a lot of baseball games, and in just about every one of those games you'll see an umpire make a bad call that contributes to the outcome of the game. It's not only Yankee games. However, your myopic vision doesn't allow you to see it that way.
TJ. It's kind of like how I'll say bad things about the Red Sox and you'll completely ignore them. In this very post, I called my team a bunch of Jason Johnsons. I called David Ortiz Jason Johnson. What more do you want?

Why is it that Yankee fans will only speak when their team is in first place? I've had no comments from you people all summer. Do you think I wan't expecting you to come out of the woodwork, now that you're in (tied for) first place? That either means that you're fairweather fans (check), or that your post-2000 lives are so miserable that being tied for first in early August is like, something to brag about (check).

Look, kind sir, this was a post about my trip to Fenway from the weekend. At the end, just to acknowlege what's currently going on, a gave a brief little summary of tonight's events. Just some stuff maybe some people didn't know about. Because that's what I do here. If you want a summary of the game with no opinions, read the newspaper. But if you want to hear what's really going on, like the fact that the Yankees have been on the right side of a huge percentage of umpiring goofs, and an even bigger percentage when it really counts, for the last, oh, well, as long as I've been alive, come here. I don't write about umpires' calls every day. You just waited til the Yanks were in first, came here, saw something about that, and assumed I just blame every game on the umps, and therefore don't know what I'm talking about. I could give you a long-winded article about the events of both games, but that's boring. You all already know the damn score. I'm just pointing out that last night, it got to the point where the Jays pitcher literally threw his arms up at the umpire, the calls were so bad. And as I showed here, Tito was on the field arguing a million times this weekend. I just like to point that stuff out. I never said these games were solely decided by bad calls.

It's Michael Kay who's leading people astray with outright lies. I'm giving you truth. And I'm a Sox fan. And I'll say whatever I want.
Actually, the Yankees are in second place by .002. You know, as long as we're so wedded to the idea of telling the truth and all.
Actually, just checked again, and we're in second by .002. So there, we're really telling the truth now...
God I miss Cabby.

The shots of the kids on the dugout roof, Lucchino, and the Citgo sign reflected in the glass are particularly nice.

Way to prove Sox fans admit their mistakes, 'tty. I know that was your intention all along. The waiting two minutes in between comments was brilliant.

Sam--Oh my lord. That's when we watched it, too. Fifth grade, science class, Ms. Bencivenga's class. So now I feel like I can drop some Sally Ruth or Captain CT Granville references.

It's also good to know that at least two Red Sox bloggers know how to make fresh water out of seawater when stranded on an island, provided there's a huge plastic tarp around and the sun's out.
Those are some awesome pictures. And aren't those seats great? I sat there before with my cousin. We were on the 1st base/home plate corner. We had the shelf to lean on, but we had seats. I love Sox tickets as birthday presents. But yeah, the seats provided a great view for my Tek grand slam video!

I like the Citgo shots too.

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