Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Philly Pics Continued

A dinosaur somewhere in Jersey.
Philly's so clean, you can eat off the sidewalk.
Sal's pals. These dudes all make themselves look like Fasano, and actually turned their backs to the field when he got pinch-hit for (prompting all the Sox fans to chant Sal's name, pissing them off even more). Sorry about the blurry, I was trying to take this without them noticing, as they were not the types to cheerfully smile for a photo.
Manny signs for kids.
Pap with Manny, Ortiz, and more in the background.
Tito talks to a poor(er) person's Millar.
The Phanatic conducts an orchestra.

The 1980 (my favorite year) flag flies in front of Philly.

Sunset in 'delphia.

I went to school in Philly. Dem Phillie fans, they nasty.

That's a very nice ballpark, though. A massive upgrade over the sewer that was Veterans' Stadium.

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