Friday, April 14, 2006

Fenway Pics 4/12/06

Most of these are video stills. Some are digital camera shots, though, which are much cooler after you click on them.

In my rear view mirror before the game.

The Pru and stuff.

See it go.

Lansdowne Street.

View of Fenway from the McDonald's parking lot.

The new stairway to the pavilion.

Stern's poster in those windows on the other side of Yawkey Way that show that day's starting lineup. I'm guessing they left him there since they didn't have a Dustan Mohr one ready.

I only got a few players entering. Here's Lenny DiNardo.

You don't usually see a Sox player (mostly) in uniform out on the street. However, Tavarez was looking over a showroom Lexus, which arrived after he was dressed.

Pesky signed autographs before the game.

Clement in a Quiksilver shirt. What is this, '87? You got an OP to go with that? How about Body Glove? Ron Jon Surf Shop? Vuarnet France? Maui & Sons? Vision Street Wear?

The new pavilion boxes.

I like this shot of Stern in solitude--except for that guy coming out of the scoreboard.


Even Gammons gets asked for his autograph.

"You're with me, leather."

Josh Beckett looks at Jere. (For such a brief interval you wouldn't even notice unless I paused the video at this exact split second.)

Youk chats with David Bowie (?)

It almost looks like Gammo has his head on Beckett's shoulder. Like, they're slow dancing, cheek to cheek. There's nobody here. Just Josh and Pete. Where they want to be. But Pete hardly knows. This beauty by his side. He never will forget. The pitcher in red.

A view of the right field grandstand you might never see unless you go to Fenway.

I like this baby blue flag. These were atop a building nearby.

Some Blue Jay.

A girl on the shoulders of her Fenway pa.

Stern throws a ball to the Monster seats.

"More shots of me on Jere's blog? Been there, done that."

Stern gives up a ball to a kid.

An interesting addition to Fenway. It's like they tried to make it seem like they built the park around this Gulf sign.

My favorite number.

Championship banners flying. It was a windy 68 degrees.

You don't usually see this view. This is under the right field grandstand.

The new pavilion boxes as seen from the bleachers.

The view of Jere's 10-game plan seats, center, right on the edge of the bleachers, as seen from the grandstand.

Manny fouls one off.

Artsy Monster-at-twilight shot? Or the moment a Blue Jays homer off Wells clears the wall? Both.

The view of Wily Mo from the seats.

Pena after throwing the ball back to the infield.

After the center field bleachers taunted Vernon Wells during a break in the action, he slowly walked toward them with his hands on his belt, after giving them the international sign for male auto-erotic pleasure.

Papi walks, and Manny's about to make the sign say "GIANT ASS." (And he did, but I've got so many pics up here already.)

The dude who ran onto the field being carted off by security.

At left: Drinkwater. At right: Kapstein.

Too bad Wells did so crappily. It was still great to be back at Fenway. Look for more stuff like this soon, since I'm also going on Saturday and Monday, and to Shea Monday night.

Way cool pictures, Jere!

I now join you in going to the sucky games. I got to see Clement last night. Egads.

Hey, we'll both be in Fenway saturday! I'm in section tickets and I'm too excited! Can't remember the last time I went to a Saturday afternoon game!

Plus, I have a good record seeing Wake pitch...I'm really looking forward to it!
Clement has not been the same since getting hit with the liner in Tampa Bay. Wells is older now & starting off may be slow. But Schill is alright.
Yo!- I saw Clement with a "Rude Dog & The Dweebs" t-shirt. We oiled up our boards, then hung ten. Is it my imagination, or does he look like he works the deli counter at my local market?... sweet pictures Jere.
Great photos Jere. Liked the one of David Bowie(?) very much especially. I see that Berman was at the game, probably doing it for ESPN. Makes me especially glad I was watching the game on NESN at Professor Thom's.
Nice Pictures!

David Bowie is none other than NESN's Mad Fisherman, Charlie Moore.
Is that really him? I've never seen him without a hat and sunglasses before.
All I know is that from now on all pictures of Chris Berman that appear on the internet should be subtitled "You're with me, leather." It should be a law.

Great pictures.
Oh, my god. Matt Clement is the ├╝berdork.
Jere, this is an official updated Sat. AM forecast for your much hyped, and deservedly so, double dip journey on Monday. At gametime in Boston (11am edt) mostly cloudy with cooler temps in the mid to upper 50s, with NO chance of rain.
At gametime (7ish edt) at Shea, becoming dark after sunset (100% chance) after a mostly cloudy dry day, temps in the mid 60s with ZERO chance of rain.
May you see two resounding victories by the home teams. Safe trip(s).
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
You've been plagiarized, Jere. Thought I'd let you know.

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