Monday, February 06, 2006

Retro Gallery: DC Protest '03

January 18th, 2003. Brian and I drove down to our nation's proverbial capitol to protest George's plan to invade Iraq.
Check this out. If we'd have opened the balcony door of our hotel room, we would've fallen to our deaths.

Fortunately, there was this handy warning sign.

This was the first time I'd noticed that the Washington Monument looks suspiciously like a klan member. Terrible job.

The protest was coincided with MLK day, and was also a tribute to him.

Signs and flags and whatnot.

Chumbawamba. Did you know they've been around since '82?


The Code Pink crew.

Here's a good one.

Reverend Al.

It was ridiculously cold that day. Not only could you see your own breath, you could see Jessica Lange's.

Jesse's pissed at Bush.

And he's down with the King.

According to Fox News, one person attended the protest and march.

The sign on the door seemed a little too subtle, considering the fatal consequences. If you "get knocked down" that way, somthing tells me you aren't "going to get up again."

The only protest I ever went to was in '89. Dukakis was instituting harsh budget cuts for state schools (including higher education), so my friends and I joined a zillion other college students at the state house in Boston with "No More Cuts" signs taped onto our art portfolios. We tried to speak to representatives and they all played the blame game. Michael was no where to be found. I bet Olympia would have had the decency to address the protestors! The next day, the papers had stories about "those kids who trampled the flowers on the state house lawn." Talk about missing the point.

Excellent job, going down to D.C.
Hey! It took me two times to get the "knocked down" reference! Nice.

Look for the upcoming sequel, from the protest I went to a month after that one in NYC.

Good thing the war is over and bin Laden is caught and Bush is out...oh wait...
I like how they have to tell you not to open the balcony door, then point out that it's "permanently closed." So ostensibly that's a "don't break the glass and attempt to step out onto a balcony you can clearly fucking see is not there."

Good call, BSM. Anyway this was 20 years ago today!

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