Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Retro Gallery: Fenway Tour, 11/03

In November of 2003, I took the Fenway Park tour. I shot some video. Here are some stills from that day:Manny's Silver Slugger. Oh, I actually had more on another tape, but I don't know where that is. So everything I filmed from the .406 club is not shown here. But going on the field was the best part anyway.

As we walked to the Monster Seats, I got this shot of the back of the "Fenway Park 1912" sign.

Jere touches the scoreboard for the first time.

The lights inside the at-bat area.


The ladder. You don't realize how tall the Green Monster is until you stand next to it and look up.

The view through one of the slits in the scoreboard.

I'm breaking my own rule of not showing myself on my blog unless the pic is at least ten years old. So, the new rule is, I can show myself, but only if at least half of my face is obscured. But you've probably seen my mug on Reb's blog anyway.


In the triangle.

What once was a New Era sign.

What Trot sees when he looks up to find me in my 10-Game Plan seats.


A Fenway worm, warning track, right field.

The dugout was covered by boards, but you could see the bat rack area.

I guess they ripped out some seats.


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