Thursday, September 22, 2005

Deadspin To Me

Hi. If you're coming from, please know that my quote was taken out of context. It's from my last post. I made the mistake of being a Sox fan and using the term "all is lost." If you read the entire post, you know I wasn't talking about the season. And if you read the rest of my blog, I'm a completely OPTIMISTIC Red Sox fan, and have been for my whole life. I am very psyched that yankee fans now THINK they've got it wrapped up, because, like last year, it will be all the sweeter when they choke.

Thank you.

And to the folks at deadspin, go fuck yourselves. To return the favor, I'd like to quote you: "' like...Michael...Kay...does."

Most of the other blogs you quoted were also talking about last night's crappy loss which just happened to be the one that put us in second place.

Terrible job.

Wow, you mean to say that Deadspin gets things wrong and makes things up? You're KIDDING ME!

Glad to see you strike back at them.

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