Thursday, August 11, 2005

Mega-Retro Gallery: Baltimore, 2002

Here are some video stills [note: video is now up] of my trip to Camden Yards for the game between us and the Birds on April 6th, 2002. I went with yankee-sometimes-fan Chan. I still don't know how I convinced him to go. This was 1. a year after the Nomo Nono; 2. the day after Lowe's near no-no; and 3. a few weeks before Lowe's actual no-no, a game I watched from the right field lower boxes.

The view out the motel window the night before. Fortunately, the snow stopped before the game the next day.

A bundled-up Chan heads toward Camden Yards.

Pedro, Pedro, Pedro! And Pedro.

John Burkett, Derek Lowe, and Rickey Henderson.

Dwight Evans.

Pedro and Nomar.

El Guapo waves to his adoring public.

And poses for their pictures.

Pedro with Lowe behind him.

Manny, with Hillenbrand and Pedro.


Rickey Henderson says it's okay to take a picture of Rickey Henderson, as long as Rickey Henderson approves of the final product. (David Cross reference.) (Hey, I said "cross-reference.")

Tony the Tiger.

Nomar smells the glove.


Trot in BP.

Nomar with Pedro on his shoulder.

Looks like baseball weather in this shot. But, no. 30 degrees.

Nomar asked someone he knew in the crowd, "What are you doing out here?" They said, "We came to see you."

Grady Size-Less. Lucchino on right.

Some dude sang the Cheers theme to Werner. Then he said, "I'm singing you the Cheers theme." It was an embarrassing moment for everyone around. Someone else correctly told Tom, "You're gonna bring us a championship!"

Close-up of his special tag.

Katie Couric.


This dweeb sat next to me. He was pretty amusing, but annoying.

George Will has sweet seats.

Remy, Werner, McDonough.

Nomar's classic swing.

Chan looks up the announcers.

Here, the dweeb revels in his joke about pretending all the hot chocolates in the vendor's tray belonged to him.

Red Sox win.

Final score.

On the way home, we got a shot of the twin beams of light, from Jersey.

I was also at Camden for the "thunder" game the following year with Pat. Look for those pics someday.

[Edit 10/3/05: Here's a closeup of the dweeb so I can use it as my profile pic]

I miss Nomar.

And Petey.

Not so much with Burkett.
Seeing Tony Clark and Grady made me barf in my mouth, and reminded me of the many ways in which the '02 season sucked. I liked seeing Guapo and the dweeb, though.
The dweeb was kind of like a chubbier, less-likely-to-burn-down-the-house Eric O'K---. With red hair. (People who didn't grow up in my neighborhood won't understand this.)

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