Friday, July 29, 2005

Retro Gallery: SkyDome '04

Last year, I went to the stadium formerly known as SkyDome. I didn't know how to post pictures at that point. Now I do. So here are some stills from the video I shot up there on May 14th, 2004:

The tall thing.

The thing on top of the tall thing.

The tall thing looked like it would fall on me. It almost did, but didn't.

The tall thing from a pier on the Great Lake that's near Toronto.

Here are some flowers. Surely they're in a garden, not inside an old tv set, right?

Oh crap, I gave that away.

Here's the entire TV garden.

An orchestra between SkyDome and the tall thing.

The Spaceman, Bill Lee, was not at the game. But this man kind of looked like him.

Johnny takes BP.

Johnny gives me the secret sign from 300 feet away.

Manny and Dave Wallace.

The knuckle ball grip.

"Manny has requested the door in the wall be left open in case he needs to pee," said Average McRedsoxfan.

"You come to me, on the day of my Dauber's wedding..."

Pedro with headphones on.

Pedro looks over at crowd.

Pedro signing.

Pedro brings his hat, glove, water, and headphones back to the dugout.

Some old friends in the dugout. Burks, Pokey, Daubach.

Not the dome the Bad News Bears went to.

Lowe delivers.

Manny at the plate.

Texas, Southeast Asia, and the Caribbean come together.

See you guys later.

Timlin was getting razzed by the crowd, and razzing back, of course.

And seemingly looking at and waving to me.

Tek hits what could be a 500-foot homer.

This land has been claimed by Lisa Ruddy and friends.

I don't know about that television garden thing.

[Green slime falls from the heavens.]

That's a good shot of Pedro with his water.

[I am cleansed by water.]

Alasdair pulled that move, and then Ruddy tried the same and it didn't work for her. Or the other way around. Something like that.
Jeez, jere, I come her to read about stuff I can't see from my bedroom window.
So you've seen this tall thing, then?

Also, I love talkin' You Can't Do That On Television. Andrew, is it just like one constant YCDTOT con-frickin-vention living up there or what? How often do you see Moose? (The girl, not the Maine deer.) Have you ever slapped the ol' puck around with Kevin? And I wonder what Alanis has been up to lately. Does she know of the tall thing, too? Does everyone still make fun of Lisa? You should, I think.
That tall thing can basically be seen from any single spot in greater Toronto. It is utterly ubiquitous. It's like the bat signal, but concrete. And for Canadians. And not a signal of any kind.

Sometimes Mike Myes hangs out at this bar near me, but I've never seen him.
what's the deal with the tv garden. Was that on public or private property? do you think it's some kind of YCDTOT statement?

You know jere, there have been a few other quality shows that have come out of Canada. Like Kids in the Hall, Degrassi jr. high, oh and that nerdy guy on comedy central a few years ago, the one who dated Drew Barrymore... what was his name? Tom Green. oh yeah.

see any of those folks, andrew?
I have a friend in toronto, and she goes to goth clubs all the time. Is that big around there, wearing all black and chain-maille and all that? If you've ever done it, I demand you post a pic.
Those shots of Mike Timlin are AWESOME, 'specially the first one. What a great expression.

And I miss Pedro, damn you.
Those pics of Timlin ARE great. But what I love most about them is that he looked all happy and loose ... and then he looked at you, and suddenly, not so happy anymore :) Take what you want from that ;)
"Hey Barth, I think someone puked on my burger..."
Wade Miller scratched to rest shoulder--Arroyo tonite and Boomer tomorrow.
that "tall thing" you are referring to is the CN Tower
For seven years I have wondered what that thing was. Thank you.

Now what's this spherical, bright, yellow thing I keep seeing in the sky, only in the daytime?

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