Saturday, June 25, 2005

Philly Pictures

[Note, 3/15/2011: A lot of these older pictures weren't uploaded directly through Blogger, so these shots don't appear now, but one day I'll go back and fill them all in. I think these were screen shots from video anyway, so I may just post the video or something. In fact, I have put up video of Bronson Arroyo from that day here.]


OLdERdUDe and YoungERdUDe:

Millar grabs a huge chunk of Doug's butt, squeezes, and pulls upward:

I guess the right-ass is the thinking side. (Alternate caption: "A half-assed approach to pants-making.") And the front-right panel was a Phillies logo, so I don't know what this person's deal was.

The organist plays amongst the fans:

The stadium is not downtown.

C-Tek plays some first base in BP, but gets in a fielding position he's more comfortable with:

This time, Jesus ascended:

The neon bell, with '80 banner:

The Phanatic, with that whore W. B. Mason:

Schilling aches to get in:

Manny connects on a mammoth home run, as far as you know:

Doug crosses the plate after his homer:

Johnny heads to center after bringing David his hat and glove:

The sun sets on the Phils:

C-Tek clearly recognizes me, as he warms up Captain Cream Cheese in the bullpen:

I got this shot of the moon rising over NYC, which is rising out of NJ, from the car, while driving:

Our apartment is to the left of the screen. Look closely and you can see Chan.

What makes the Yankees-Red Sox-Phillies booty shorts shot doubly awesome is that you had to take that picture in a crowd. Well done, sir.
And nobody had a clue.


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