Thursday, June 23, 2005

Jacobs Field, June 21st, 2005

[Pics now in ultra-huge format, which, I think allows everyone to see them. Let me know if you still don't see the pics.]

Day two in Cleveland. Check out time was noon at my Travelodge, so naturally I woke up at 11ish. The Rock N Roll Hall of Fame cost 20 bucks to get in, so I opted against that. I don't really care about seeing Don Henley's guitar pick from 1973 anyway. Since the Jake gates opened at 4:30, I figured I'd just hang around there, and catch the players arriving.

Remy and Orsillo got there early. They got a little static at the door:

"Who did you say you were again?" This scene was straight out of a sitcom. This dude had that perfect quizzical look on his face that a character needs to have when looking at a clipboard. "Nobody told me anything about any Rum Dog..." "You don't look like ballplayers..." Anyway, Manny arrived in the jeep of another dreadlocked man while this was going on. The old man easily recognized Manny, and let him pass. (After Manny tried the locked door first.)

But it wan't until another clipboard was checked, and another employee was called in, that our announcers were finally allowed to go through. It's funny how in the above shot, Rem and Orsillo seem pretty sure they're just gonna go in with Manny. But no.

Then a cab with Mirabelli, Wake, and Mueller arrived. Billy did an exaggerated trip out of the taxi, then righted himself while keeping his beverage intact. He looks kind of geeky without the salt n pepa goatee. But that's okay.

Johnny arrived and was the only Red Sox to sign autographs. One dude brought a huge replica of the Green Monster scoreboard, which Johnny signed.

David making an important phone call:

Jhonny Peralta was dropped off by his wife or girlfriend, who brought the dog along for the ride. "Brak, brak, I'm Jhonny Peralta's dgo!"

I had a better shot of the dgo, but I chose this still because of the "I heart Sandy Alomar" graffiti on the pole.

Another absolutely gorgeous day by the lake. The sun sets well after 9 PM this time of year out there, because they're in the eastern time zone, but 500 miles west of here.

Bronson ascends to heaven:

Ortiz gives a smile after practicing his sidearm delivery in the outfield.

Here's Manny getting bear-mauled by David after one of his homers. I got two see two each by Manny and Ortiz in my two games.

Then he heads for the dugout to the delight of the pro-Sox crowd.

The Red Sox celebrate the win in game two, on their way to the sweep.

It was the second game in a row with a key insurance run in the top of the ninth after a Cleveland rally in the bottom of the eighth. I was over by right field for Trot's amazing catch that essentially saved the game.

Note: Yesterday I criticized Captain Cheese's performance in game three. Chan and I missed an inning of the game to get food, and Rebecca informed me today that Cheese actually came in during that inning we missed, and pitched out of a bases loaded jam. Apologies to Em-Brie.

Great pixx, you know Remy and Orsillo have to go through that hassle every time they try to get into any park outside of Fenway. "You're not on the list Mr. Rummy..."
hmmm... the pictures aren't even showing for me. I wonder what's up with that.
Pics aren't working for me either, but just the text alone was enough to make me ridiculously jealous!

Ah well, at least I'll be down in Philly this weekend!
Now they're, like, enormous.
They ARE huge, but at least now I can see them :) Thanks for fixing them Jere, those are some great shots!!!
Indeed, they are great pics. I think Bronson possibly getting abducted by aliens is my favorite.
Bueller kind of looks like an extra in Three's Company in that shot. Was he in the Queer Eye episode? Perhaps they'd consider a sequel.
Extra in Three's Company? He'd be in a starring role, what with his gift for physical comedy. Another reason to love Mueller (despite his GIDPness).
"Brak, brak, I'm Jhonny Peralta's dgo!"

Probably the funniest thing I've ever read.
I can see them now. They are great. I'm a big fan of the Bronson ascending into heave/abducted by aliens one.
More Peralta dog shots please!!!
Does Peralta need a dgo wakler? Um, does Bronson?

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