Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Even More Cooperstown

Dale Sveum takes a cut. He would single on the next pitch:

For female Sam. El Carne (Also, look at everyone's head as they watch the ball. But Ortiz, like Norm on that Cheers episode where they go to the other bar with all the TVs, says, "Try moving just your eyes."):

Johnny took two right handed swings in the HR derby:

Johnny playing catch with the crowd. (He was throwing to the girl in the light blue shirt on the left, who ended up falling pretty hard trying to catch this ball):

Varitek samples a stool.

Cropping for the sake of cropping:

Lovely. 'Ppreciate the Dmitri shot. If Ortiz and DaMeat were ever on the same team... well, I'm not sure what would happen, but the world might implode.

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