Monday, April 04, 2005

yankee Stadium, April 3rd, 2005

Update, 2009: These pics disappeared but I'll get 'em back up at some point.

F the Unit
The exact moment that I could say, for the first time in my life, "I'm watching the World Champion Boston Red Sox play." (And I did.)

The 'C'
"My name's Jason, I'm the captain of the team, I've got a ring, and I'm rockin' one leg..."

Sell the kids for food
Kurt Cobain's back and he's pitching (righty) for the Sox!

DIY shirts are the best kind
I don't know this woman. The bottom line reads "You did!" Not "OU did!"

So...Fatboy really came through, huh? I was pissed at him. I was calling him names out there in the bleachers. But then, today, on the radio, I heard a clip of Torre complimenting the Unit, saying, "He was a machine out there." And I thought, I may not be the president of Boomer's fanclub, but he's definitely the opposite of a machine, and those are the kind I want on my side. So despite what I said to Chan at the Stadium last night about "I won't be happy until he wins at least eight in a row," I will be rooting for David. He just needs to, you know, not balk in runs.

After Edgar made that nice play on the force out where he went to his right, I bragged to Chan (a yankee fan, by the way) how great Chopper was. That seemed to have jinxed him, and he botched balls repeatedly after that. Although the yankee Staduim scorekeeper was pretty stingy about giving out errors.

I noticed something about the flags, the ones that are in order of the standings. The order went New York, Boston, Baltimore, Tampa Bay, Toronto. So I guess when everyone's zero and zero, they put themselves first, then, surprisingly, the Red Sox, and then they go alphabetically after that. Maybe they just did it so cameras could get a shot of the NY and Boston flags side by side.

Lots of Sox fans as usual, but I do think George's "no groups for Sox games" plan worked a little. I really couldn't tell, being in the bleachers, and not being allowed to go anywhere else. (Good to keep the animals in their cage, I guess.) But I was thinking, maybe George could just start not allowing other teams in. Then the yanks could just play each other, and win every game. Cool how a huge section of Sox fans over in the left field lower deck made themselves known, even though the Sox were losing by a lot at that point

I liked how a lot of people took their kids home after Jeter's last at bat. Because it just showed how much these people care about A-Rod. Ha! "Best player in baseball," and all his home fans head for the exits as he's coming up.

We stayed til the bitter end. Cold as an emmer-effer. Seriously. The rain mostly held off, but still, I almost didn't make it. Was humorous when someone behind me said, in complete seriousness, "yanks won't blow this."

And hey Tino, they LOVE you. Enough to give you a standing ovation, just like they did for the admitted steroid user.

Same old Stadium, same old yankee fans. Only now, their insults are based on assumption, not fact. And talk about short memories. You just gotta smile at 'em, though, because they know. They fucking know.

Turns out it wasn't the winning after all: They were arrogant pricks to begin with.

Jere, those are AWESOME pictures. Really.

You had the distinct pleasure of missing a Kay broadcast, adding years to your life due to lower blood pressure, and that's true no matter how sick the cold makes you.

Speaking of Cobain, #61 on the Sox- anybody hear his voice? That album's gonna be a goof-fest... but he's got a good voice. I must say. And no shame.

We'll get em tomorrow.
Very nice pics. I especially like the first one, the view of the field. Love the way, at the very bottom left of the pic, that the top lip of the OF wall just barely nudges its way into the picture. Great for the perspective. Gives the pic an enclosed feeling, makes the action seem close & personal.

If you can't tell, I hate the way videocameras always make baseball fields look cavernous & empty.
Make that bottom right. No, m'I not dyslexic, why do you ask?
Really glad you both liked 'em. I was using my dad's digital camera, and wasn't familiar with it, or digital cameras in general. The shots of the field thru the little view finder looked really bad, but I gave it a shot, and it came out good. So I'm sold on those things now, I guess. Seeing that pic now makes me realize how much I like the red sleeves underneath the gray uniforms. Without those, you might not know what team it is from that far away.
A fine assessment of the Yankee fan. I salute you.

Too many Sams around here, methinks.

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