Monday, January 12, 2009

And The Winners Are...

Rickey Henderson.....and....


JIM RICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jim Rice is going to Cooperstown! Hall of Fame! Finally.


More later.....

Congratulations to Jim Ed. I've stated before here that I personally think he falls a little short of HoF qualifications, and I tend to be someone who would rather see the Hall error on the side of being too exclusive. With that said, I viewed his election this year as inevitable, and now that it's a done deal, I'm quite happy for him.

I still think that Dwight Evans, who fell off the ballot after one year, has just as good a HoF case as Rice, if not slightly better. Interestingly, if you were to combine Jim Ed's peak value with Dewey's sustained high level of performance, you'd probably have a first ballot inductee.

So both inductees this year have Sox ties...even if Rickey's was basically a cameo. Rickey's induction speech might just be the most entertaining one ever.
And 28 idiot sportwriters actually didn't vote for Rickey Henderson, who is a textbook example of a player with first ballot HoF credentials. Ridiculous.

Mo Vaughn with only 6 votes...I guess he gets dropped from the ballot. Not surprised.
I am pumped. The great Jim Rice! Fenway number retirement ceremony to come, I'd guess.

Raines is a no-brainer to me; amazing he only got 20-some percent.
Woohoo? I say YAY!!!!
When you think of the history of this country, how great is it that this year, the president being inaugurated and the two people being inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame are African-American?

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