Saturday, July 19, 2008

At A Loss

11-3 them in the eighth. Looking for a nine-run ninth.

Oh, and there was another play where a ball hit off one guy and went right to a base where another guy was waiting--Double-H to Youk for the 1-3 put out.

Hey, you know those ads where the cab driver with the over-the-top Boston accent takes various people on their way to Fenway Park to the sporting goods store? Well--first of all, if you watched MTV in the early '90s, you know the whole concept is a rip-off. Donal Logue's "Jimmy the Cab Driver" skits appeared during almost every commercial break. GooTube is filled with those clips, including this one which shows his Boston cab license. (I still haven't found the "Stairway to Hea-vahhhn" one.) (And I also discovered "Jimmy" is back, doing some skits for

But that's not the point. The point is that there's one of these new ads I just don't get. A guy gets into the cab with a baseball painted on to his skull. He asks the driver to put on the radio to get pumped up for the game. The radio goes on, and the voice says it's "bat day" at the park. First of all, there's no bat day at Fenway Park. There are no giveaways period. This is well-known and if you're going for "authentic Boston" you should know that. But again I'm straying from the point. The guy, upon hearing of "bat day," panics. He yells at the driver that he needs to immediately buy a hat.


Why do you need a hat for bat day? -- Okay, as I was writing this, it just hit me. So to speak. He's afraid that since his head looks like a ball, people will try to hit it with their bats. Maybe I just needed to write it out to understand it. (I was going to say that my only possible explanation was that he felt the need to wear a hat to look more like a kid, assuming only kids would be given the bat.) But I guess I've solved it. Please tell me you were confused, too. At least at first. Kim also didn't get it when I brought it up earlier, so there's that.

And as I wrote all that, we went down 1-2-3 in the ninth. 11-3 Angels. Second place for us for the time being...

[Update: I found the "Stairway" clip--only they cut off the best part! "To hea-vahhhn." Terrible job.]

Note: This is the first posting on the internet to mention MTV without saying--as if the writer was the first person to notice it--that "they don't play music anymore." At this point, pointing this out is way sillier than the fact that a channel with "music" in its name doesn't play any.

I was MYSTIFIED by this ad and thought I must be missing something. Thanks for solving the mystery. Unfortunately it would take more than this to make tonight a satisfying night.
wow, i forgot about those ads. fucking hilarious.
The 2nd Millenia Article is up now. The 3rd is beginning.
Jere, it was after your explanation that I finally "got it." I'd never seen the ad, but head against bat can never be a good thing. We need Beckett today to again turn into our stopper. Hope your weekend is a great one. Hello to the cats. When I say that I mean it!
Yeah, I didn't get it either. My wife had to 'splain it to me. She does that a lot.
My big problem with those ads is the abolutely hideous, alien and dead look of the digital cinematography. I know, I know--digital is superior to film and videotape, blah, blah, blah.
MTV might not play music anymore, but right now I'm watching Jimmy Page do the "What Is and What Should Never Be" solo on VH1 Classic. Damn near orgasmic :)
They showed the Stones concert film "Let's Spend The Night Together" 1st, now they're showing a live Zeppelin show that I've seen a few times, but I still HAVE to watch for a while.
I didn't mention the sad part.
I'm watching VH1 Classic because it's 10:15 on a Saturday night and there's not a damn baseball game to be seen ANYWHERE on my TV.
Shit, here comes the drum solo. As I've seen it numerous times, (including twice in person-lucky me), it's on to something else.
Can we please win a road game tomorrow?
Okay, I'm glad I wasn't alone. Nix, thanks for the version with the ending.

Horse: FOr a few seconds I didn't know what you meant. Then I watched it in my head a few times and I know exactly what you mean. A lot of ads do that, and there even seems to be like a weird digital glitch before and after them. And the volume fluctuates, though that might just be my cable. Analog is the way to go in music and film. I mean, there are obvious advantages to digital, but I love the old shit the best.
Thanks for the backup, Jere. I thought I was alone on that topic.
No prob Limo.

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