Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Red Sock II, Rocky

I say we send a tape of tonight's Wakefield game to Wallace Matthews! That jerk's claims of Timmy not being good and taking forever to pitch were thwarted tonight, as they are almost every time he pitches. A game under two and a half hours, and Wake goes eight, gives up a run on four hits. Pap seemed strong as ever with the save.

D-backs made an error on the first batter tonight, and it was all downhill from there, as they lose 4-1 to Mr. Dunbar. Dun is still 9.5 behind us.

For making the Rockies not know what the hell to do in the field, and going three for three, David Ortiz is Jere's Player of the Game.

Update: Remember the other day I mentioned that Seinfeld thing? Cleveland 117, San Antonio 109? That episode is on right now, at the same time as the Cleveland-San Antonio Finals game. I'd say this is "amazing," but the world of Seinfeld leads to multiple coincidences per week, it seems.

Hey, Great win tonight from Wake. Who the hell cares what the F Wallace Matthews thinks. Considering Wake's pitching style, he still has another 5 years left.

Another thing Jere, Why even post anything about the Yankees? Seems a bit silly. Why cant us Sox fans just care for the fact the we are 9.5 ahead and who cares what the Spankees do. Seriously
There are fucking people out there who think we're gonna blow the lead and are all scared of the Yanks and only remember '78 and have forgotten about '04. And I'M fucking "silly"?

For 31 years, I've rooted FOR the Red Sox and AGAINST the Yankees. Every game. I'm going to talk about them because I love to hate them, whether they're 20 games ahead of us or 20 games behind. I'm gonna have fun with the fact that we've won a World Series more recently than they have (which I waited all my goddamn life for), and that we're kicking they're stinky asses in the division right now.

If you want to do a blog where you don't talk about the Yanks, go right ahead. You don't have to read mine, and I won't read yours.

YOu know what you sound like? One of those Yankee fans who goes to Red Sox blogs and acts all like "Hey, what's up, let's not do stupid things like you do. You know, WE Sox fans."

If you really are a Sox fan who just happens to not want to talk about the Yanks, fine, but I'm gonna do whatever the fuck I want.

Before you give me a fake guilt trip, just remember that I'm staring at your line that condescendingly calls me and what I do with my life "a bit silly" and it pissed me off.

2004 ALCS. 3-0 lead. I'll bring that stuff up all the time, and I'm proud to do it. You'll never be able to make me feel bad about that.

Maybe it's a "growing up near NY" thing, I don't know.

Also note, if I do "ignore" the Yanks, it's strictly to piss off Yankee fans. The other day I think I mentioned what the second and third place teams did, purposely ignoring the Yaks, who were in fourth. And Jesus, of course if there's a team within a game of us, and the Yanks are 15 back, in late September, of course I'll mention that team before I mention the Yanks. But I'll also rub in the fact that they're way behind.

You understand where I'm coming from?
I checked my Statcounter, to see what I suspected would be someone coming to my blog from NY a little before 11:42. There was ol' Christian. Location: NY, NY. Now, I was a Sox fan living there for the last two years, I'm just sayin', it's a little too perfect, isn't it....
Sometimes I seriously think you are completely off your tree.
Seriously, I will not argue with you about my loyalty to the Sox. I was born in Boston, raised in Acton, went to Acton-Boxborough Regional, went to college in Providence and I moved to NYC FROM Boston when I was 24. I LIVE IN NYC NOW, I work with a ton of douchebag Yankees fans at Lehman Brothers and believe me nothing feels better than just KNOWING you are better than them and they have nothing to say. Listen, I refuse to argue with you about my loyalties, seriously. Hey, I like your site, Im just saying, it is alot sweeter now when you can just sit there with a smirk on your face and know your are alot better and all the morons can do is bring up their tired past.
I don't really care. But I am totally sane, I'm just not going to take someone making fun of me lightly.

Would you go into a pizza place that'd been in your neighborhood for three years, gotten your pizza, and then said to the owner, "You know, offering the topping I DON'T LIKE is it a bit silly, eh?" And expect not to get your smart ass kicked out of there? If not physically kicked?

I'll think and write whatever I want to.
My above comment was to BSM.

Christian, it's hard for a blog to sit there with a smirk on its face. Like I said, I'm gonna write what I want.
Listen, regardless whatever our silly differences are...the Spankees are still 9.5 game back dispite their surge...and you still have a great Sox site. Life is good for me and I have to wake up at 6:45. Nite
Yes, they've won 7 straight and get to look at the board to see they're 9.5 out.

See how fun it is to talk about them?:)

Thanks for understanding where I'm coming from.
Would you go into a pizza place that'd been in your neighborhood for three years, gotten your pizza, and then said to the owner, "You know, offering the topping I DON'T LIKE is it a bit silly, eh?"

"Wow, you dumped that entire jar of parmesan cheese on my slice? That's a little silly."

I'll think and write whatever I want to.

This is a bit over-dramatic, isn't it? No one's suggesting otherwise.

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