Monday, December 04, 2006

"I'm Waiting For The Paperback"

Okay, no excuses now. My mom's memoir, Girls of Tender Age, is out in paperback in a few weeks, but it's available for pre-order here, for the low low price of, like, 11 bucks-ish.

When the hardcover came out a year ago, Johnny Damon signed with the Yanks immediately following my review, knocking my mom off the top of my blog. So prepare for some huge baseball thing to happen soon. For Jere's review of Girls of Tender Age: A Memoir, click here.

Wow! very cool that your Mom is an author. Now I know where you get your writing talent from!
Thanks for the press, Jere.
Friends of Jere: Go to page 278 for a picture of Jere (age 2) and his sister in their Sox t-shirts.
Thumbs up for GoTA. I read it when you mentioned it on the blog in December.
Thanks, Jelly.

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