Saturday, November 18, 2006

Two Opposable Thumbs Up

Tonight, Chan and I walked over to the alternate universe that is the West Side to see For Your Consideration.

If you've liked the other Christopher Guest films, I'm pretty sure you'll like this one, even though it's not done in mockumentary-style.

The only negative for me was that there wasn't more of everything. I could watch the original three-hour pre-edited version if there was one. There are just so many great actors in these Guest movies. I was so psyched that Ricky Gervais was in this, but he was only in a couple of scenes. But he was great, as was everyone else.

John Michael Higgins WINS! this film. Chan's winner was Catherine O'Hara. Also a good choice. Fred Willard was hilarious as usual. The Spinal Tap trio also did their usual great job, with Shearer having the biggest role of the three. Parker Posey and the dumb blonde Jennifer Coolidge rounded out the win with solid defense. And every naive, never-heard-of-SCTV teen's favorite, Eugene Levy, was also funny, along with Ed Begley and Bob Balaban. Christopher Moynihan, who only was in A Mighty Wind, was the surprise star.

Don't worry about the bad reviews, which I understand exist. Just another awesome Christopher Guest & Co. movie. If you're totally out of the Guest loop, it's about a cast of a ridiculous movie--directed by Guest's character--who find out that there's "Oscar buzz" about them. And hilarity ensues. In the last movie, Guest, besides getting to write a bunch of folk song parodies--which were better than most folk music--got to make up a bunch of fake album covers. This film's equivalent gimmick was a bunch of fake TV shows that featured the actors--the actors in the movie...not the movie, the movie in the movie. The actors playing the actors in....forget it. The point is, they did a great job making fun of the entertainment culture. And I'm guessing if you're an actor you'll think all the Hollywood-mocking is even funnier.

I was indeed getting worried by all the negative reviews, so I'm glad to hear from a Guest fan that they're nothing to worry about .. I just can't wait to see this one, if it ever makes it out to my little corner of the world
New stuff for me..thanks! I'll look for DVD (S) of the earlier flick (s).
Reel: Nothing to worry about indeed. It was only in 2 NYC theaters, but mine was packed. So I guess next week it goes wide?

Peter: Waiting For Guffman, Best in Show, A Mighty Wind. In that order. (And, of course, This is Spinal Tap before that.)
Did you like "A Mighty Wind"?
More than life itself, man. It's blowin peace and freedom, it's blowin you and me...
Hmm. I really didn't like it at all. I mean, I loved, WFG, loved BIS, and Spinal Tap is one of the 5 favorite movies ever. I really thought Mighty Wind sucked hard though.

I am looking forward to seeing the new one though. Glad you liked it, thats a good sign.
Loved the Wind. I thought it was the perfect next film after BIS. What about WINC? And seeing Spinal Tap as The Folksmen? And the New Main Street Singers?? I thought it was just a great commentary on that whole "serious" music scene. Made me laugh. A lot. I mean, the dog show thing was hilarious to me even though I know nothing about dogs. But this was even better for me because I've dealt with music "scenes" and people that are way too into it. I mean, Shearer in that movie was just perfect.
Wind: Birkenstocks with socks was worth the price of admission.

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