Monday, September 18, 2006

"If You Die In Your Dream, You Die"

It's not true! I beat the system!

Last night, I dreamt I was on a plane. I was looking through the cockpit window as we started to descend. Oh good, I can see the baseball field, we're coming in for a safe landing, I thought. (Note: In the dream, baseball field=landing strip. You know how it is. Also, my dad was the pilot.) But as we came in, I realized we were overshooting the field and headed at full speed toward the hillside and road on the edge of it. I think this was a field I played on in Norwalk, CT, in high school. Or Fairfield. Or Greenwich, I don't know. All those southern Fairfield County towns looked the same to me.

I watched as we crashed into the earth. At the moment of impact, I awoke. But my eyes were still closed. I was so frightened that I might open them to see the afterlife. After a few minutes of being very still, in the darkness, not knowing if I was alive or dead, I heard a noise. I was happy--no, overjoyed--to hear the classic New York City "honk honk," most likely from a cabbie, outside my window. I knew I was alive.

Ironically, I was still pissed at the person who honked. "It's six in the morning, shut the hell up!"

It really was six. I'd gone to bed around 2, so I was awakened from some serious REM-ish sleep. Some-times, ev-erybody dies... And I couldn't get back to sleep. This is really rare for me. After trying to get back to sleep for a while, I just got up. I hate getting up early. I like being up early, though. But I rarely get to experience it, since I'll always choose sleep if at all possible. So I got to surf the web for a while, take my time eating breakfast and making lunch, and I even wrote this blog entry. But I won't post this until mid-day so all the Yankee fans can have sufficient time to bash me for talking trash about their little deity friend there.

Sorry about the dream description, everybody. I blindsided you on that one. Usually I'll give the "Warning: dream description ahead" disclaimer.

[Mid-day update: I just re-read this. Hope it's not too "some dude's boring life"-ish. But you're stuck with it now. Anyway, no bashing from the Yankee crowd, as they probably didn't even know the two teams were playing this weekend.]

"All those southern Fairfield County towns looked the same to me."

You sound like my wife. Thanks for not crash-landing on my house in Stamford...I was still asleep at six.
"I don't sleep, I dream..."
TJ, your first REM ref that I'm aware of and it's "Everybody Hurts?" Yeesh...

Glad you didn't die in your dream.
Sorry, I'm a northern Fairfielder.

But I DID die in my dream. I mean, you can't survive that. I said I woke up at the moment of impact, not the moment before. In my opinion, I died and lived to tell about it.

I thought REM, thought about dying, and came up with that line. I was actually not dure whether they said "died" in that song. So I wan't even being clever, just kind of went with it. After looking it up, he does say "everybody cries," but not "dies." Should have, though. Doesn't mean I like or suppert Everybody Hurts. I especially don't support the part where he's like "ohhh nah....nyah...nyah... nyah"

And think about it, throwing in a line about sleeping and dreaming wouldn't work, because that's what REM, the term, refers to anyway. It's like, if I had a really good experience, I wouldn't say "I've found nirvana," which is a line by Nirvana from Bleach, I'd use a line by Nirvana that symbolizes happiness in some way, without mentioning the word. Something like that. I stand by my choice. In the place that I are. Am.

And I wonder if I've ever referenced them before. I honestly don't know.
Please, god, don't let people comment with dreams of their own. However, I will feel free to chime in with a semi-dream story as I'm the mother. I was babysitting for Jere's neices and nephews and in the middle of the night the power went out. It was as black as pitch. I knew the kids would be awakened by the lack of their little night lights, don't ask me how. I waited. The older two woke up. I said, "Shhhh... The power went out." Amanda, 9 yrs. at the time, said, "Good. I thought I was blind." Joe, age six, said, "I thought I was DEAD!"
The younger two woke up, went ballistic and I had to feel for candles while carrying them. Then we lit the candles and broke out the Pla-Do barber shop with the little bald guys with holes covering their heads and then you force the Pla-Do out through the holes and cut it off with the plastic scissors that comes with the barber shop (or else it wouldn't be a barber shop, it would be an educational game teaching children that when your dead, your hair still grows).
Sorry, I meant "you're".
Yeah, that might be your first REM reference. And I'll wager your last, I'll bet...I'm actually a big REM fan, friends with their manager, but I hate "Everybody Hurts" and pretty much everything off that album besides "Nightswimming..."Anyway...
Tell REM's manager he left Stipe in a couple batters too long...

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