Monday, May 08, 2006

Spittin' On 714

I'm surprised no one's used that yet. As in the call of Aaron's 715th: "He's sittin' on 714..."

Anyway, feel free to steal it. My opinion on Bonds is that he should have an asterisk next to his records as soon as they put one next to: "NY yankees, 2003 AL Champions," since Giambi's steroid-fueled homers off of Pedro were the difference in game seven of that year's ALCS.

Every time a stadium boos Bonds, Sheffield and Giambi smile, knowing their steroid use is being overshadowed just a little more.

I don't understand why people only get mad when records are in danger. It's like, "Hey, that dude's stealing that car!" "Eh, it's okay. It's not my car."

And I still think if Bonds were more likable (read: if America liked black people), people would probably cheer him.

For Giambi's juice, for Bucky Dent's corked bat, for Jeffrey Meier reaching over the wall, for Reggie Jackson sticking his big butt into the path of the ball, for Chuck Knoblauch missing a tag by three feet but still getting the out call, for every time Derek Jeter steals a call by throwing his glove in the air and every time George, I mean "the umps" call a game after five because it's drizzling and the yanks have the lead, all of which have led to should-be-asterisked yankee championships...for all the fans who watched helplessly as the yanks beat their team by cheating: Move their most beloved player down a notch on that list, Mr. Bonds. A cheater like you is the perfect person to do it.

I was going to end it there. Then I just watched the channel 7 sports guy, Scott Clark, give this little solemn speech after his report on Bonds' 713th: "It's a shame about this man. He's a Hall of Fame player...who cheated." If he's going to say that, he should do the same thing every night that he shows Giambi and Sheffield highlights. Unbelievable. So, seriously, Barry, pass the Babe. And if he passes Aaron, well, they won't need an asterisk because of the way he'll be remembered anyway.


"I'm still waiting for you to take that syringe out of your butt."

"Please take it out now."

I have a feeling you might attract an anonymous Dunbar troll or two with this post, Jere. While you're at it, you might as well mention the game last June against the Pirates when the umpires failed to call what was clearly a game-ending double-play on Sheffield. One of the wosrt calls I've seen in a long time. Given the extra baserunner and an extra out, the Yanks tied it in the 9th, and then Giambi hit a walk-off hr (likely steroid or HGH assisted) in extra-innings....that's the only reason they tied the Sox atop the division with 95 wins last season.

As for bloated, blow-dried channel 7 sports blowhard Scott Clark, I still recall watchind his report the day Theo was first hired as GM. He showed a clip of eager, earnest young Theo enthusiastically talking about his intent to make the Sox a talent-generating machine...perhaps a little too over-the-top in his enthusiam, but so what? In any case, they then cut back to Yankee Fan/Blohard Clark, who rolled his eyes and made some dumb, snide remark along the lines of how Theo was clueless and the Sox would never win. I wish I had gotten to see that blohard have to give his report after the '04 World Series...although I had much more fun celebrating at the Riviera.
You people make no sense. Im not even a Yankee fan but Giambi was the only one man enough to tell the truth from the beginning. And Yankees cheating??? Are you kidding me??? Now you have to try and make yourself believe THAT to ease the pain from the reality that the Yankees are the greatest team in sports history and nothing will ever change that??!! Come on!! That is by far the dumbest thing I have ever heard. Im so sick of stupid people who just sit around and think up crap just to make themselves feel better or to come up with an excuse as to why the Yankees have always been a better team than the Red Sox. Get a life. Get over it. Everyone knows all of you people who make up these RED SOX FAN websites are all fair weather fans anyway. A REAL fan wouldn't do something so ridiculous. Losers.
"...why the Yankees have always been a better team than the Red Sox."

There was this one time, I could swear, when the Yankees were up 3-0... Then there was that other year where the Red Sox and Yankees tied for the division...

Giambi: man enough to apologize and not say what for? Cheater. If I found out Ortiz or Manny was doing steroids/HGH and they apologized AFTER they were discovered, I'd be devastated, not making excuses for them.

Look, it's the Red Sox and Yankees. People wanna throw trash at the other side; I don't agree with all of Jere's arguments (Red Sox- or Yankee-related), but it's certainly his right to say them if he wants.
I really think this latest anonymous is just a joke. You can't get any more predictable than that last one. In fact, I almost said in this post, "And yankee fans, don't come on here pretending to be neutral but saying that even you, a NEUTRAL fan, thinks I'm full of crap," or whatever. Maybe I should have. If you were neutral, wouldn't you also be making fun of the yanks, too? What exactly are these people pretending to be?

Also, again, I think they're just trying to get my goat or whatever, by calling me something they know I'm the opposite of, but just in case they're just stupid, I'll explain the term "fair weather fan":

Those are people who only stand behind a team when it's doing well. This term fits perfectly when describing many yankee fans, who always can depend on them eventually winning again. This term doesn't work for Sox fans, as our team went many years without winning. For 86 years, the weather was NEVER FAIR (you fucking idiot), hence, it's a rare thing to find a "fair weather" Sox fan. I don't know, maybe those pictures of me in a Red Sox hat from differnt stages of my life aren't proof enough for that person, but there's not much more I can do. I'm also proud that I was as much a yankee hater when they were in last place as when they were winning championships.
Of course its you right to say what you want and no one is making excuses for anyone, but all you faggot Red Sox fans do is whine and bitch about the Yanks cuz your jealous. And its sad that the 3-0 and tied division is all you assholes have to throw in their faces. Red Sox suck and they always will. You people can say Im a joke all you want...i could give 2 shits. But if all you can do is sit around and think up bullshit then you are not a sports fan at all...I dont care how many pictures you have of yourself in Boston colors. Oh and Im not "neutral" (you fucking idiot---lol) Im not a Yankees fan but I HATE the Red Sox because of people like you and all your little friends. Fuck "Red Sox Nation" (thats the gayest thing Ive ever heard of, by the way)
You can call me every name in the book. As all you fans continue to come out of the woodwork, I'll continue to sit back & enjoy watching Boston fail miserably. Good night!
Seems like I prompted the 'Anonymouse Idiot Troll Brigade" to come slithering out of the woodwork...someone's dumb idea of fun.

Sorry about that, Jere.

BTW, I might be watching tomorrow night at Professor Thom's.
You all know this, but the "your"/"you're" mistake, to me, is like finding the Golden Ticket every time.

Anyway, anonymous, you're (that means "you are") not making any sense, you're a homophobe, you're a coward, you're not very bright (or maybe you're a little drunk), and you're pretty clearly a Dunbar fan, which doesn't matter, but there's really no reason to hide it. If you're not a Dunbar fan, why wouldn't you have been happy that their rival beat them in such an amazing fashion? Why wouldn't you at least find that one thing in common with me and write in to talk about how cool that was, if only because it happened to them?

Do you want to debate any of this, or do you want to just keep yelling at everyone and looking like a fool? I mean, I'm not going to be friends with a blatant homophobe, but we could at least keep it civil.
And AJM, I won't be there. Am taking my sister to a show tomorrow. Will describe it here later. But, basically, I really wanted to go, and for her to go, so I'll be missing a lot of the game, but I'll be at the Stadium Wednesday to make up for it.
Jere, I was about to let anon. really have it, but it's Tuesday now, and he probably forgot about being here and being SUCH an idiot.
I just want to say 'thank you' for calling people on homophobic remarks. It's both noticed and appreciated.
but Giambi was the only one man enough to tell the truth from the beginning.

False. He told the truth when confronted with it. If he'd told the truth from the beginning, he probably would have been suspended a lot quicker.
The GiamBALCO looked tired & sick in May, '05:

Suddenly, he was as bulked up as he was in '03;

He only told the truth to a Federal Grand Jury so as not to be indicted;

He gave a vaguely-sorry press conference, with a neo-apology about nothing;

There is no test for HGH & it's because "The Whores of Baseball" are addicted to yankees Money.
The "BALCO" Scandal runs through The Bronx like an earthquake fault. It will erupt there, when Bonds is finished with his Idiotic Quest to top George Hermann Ruth;

It will be as if, a hot knife through butter, will run through this.

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