Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Cheese Or Snow?

Trupiano said something about Jeremy Kapstein tonight. He said that someone was his cousin. Possibly a Blue Jays player. If anyone knows anything, please let me know.

But now to the important stuff: In September, a win is a win. Yesterday, we had no pitching problems, but lost. Tonight, bullpen issues, but a win. In April, I'd have taken yesterday's game. In September, I'll take tonight's. And, like yesterday, there were some positives (you know, besides the actual W.) Ortiz: still mega-donging after all these years. Arroyo: pitched a lot of innings without giving up runs, before losing it late. Although Castig and Trup acted like he was an accident waiting to happen all night. (I went with Gameday Audio tonight, because the mlb.tv is just torture with it's choppiness, buffering, and delays.) And, of course, Jon Papelbon, who, backed by the will of Joe Castiglione, pitched three no-hit innings and got the win.

You should have heard Joe. It was like his son was out on the mound. He was full of pride, and announcing that last inning like The Big Papel (pictured, with lit cigarette on head--for more pics like these, keep scrolling down) already had it locked up. Ooh, European Vacation's coming on. "Hroostie." Sorry. So, uh, Castig called the bottom of the 11th with extreme confidence. Not arrogance, Michael Kay, but confidence. It was great.

Jere, for next season can you get a satellite dish and subscribe to their baseball package in order to get NESN at your Big Apple place? It has to be better than watching on the computer as we try for a 3-peat. Jeez, that sounds good. Now may it happen. Please...
Actually, thanks, I'm sure, to a Steinbrenner bribe once he saw me coming, my landlord here doesn't allow dishes. Maybe I'll go Extra Innings. But still, just seems crazy to pay full price when I only care about 2 teams.
It wouldn't work with the satellite dish. Unless he was able to convince them he doesn't live in the NY Market. The games would still be blacked out, but you could get the Pre and Post Game shows (and all the rest of that stunning NESN lineup such as Charlie the Mad Fisherman)

Now I've heard rumors of people that have a dish, have a relative living back in the Boston market, and they have their bill sent there making it appear as if the satellite dish is in the Boston market. Therefore they don't get the games blacked out on NESN.

The caveat is I've actually never seen a functioning example of this setup. Just a bunch of "friend of friend" stories on the Interweb so I haven't felt like spending all the money (and time since DirecTV is a year contract) on trying it to only find out it's a pipe dream.
It's not a pipe-dream. What you need is another dish and direct tv box, and, as mentioned, someone in the Boston market who has direct tv, and is willing to lie to them for you. They tell Direct TV that they are adding another receiver in the house, and give them the number on the box to authorize it. Direct TV bills them $5/month for an extra receiver.

We are thinking about doing this at the cottage, but ironically the only person we know with Direct tv is my man's dad in PA. This means despite the fact that the cottage actually IS in the Boston market, we would only get the Yanks and Pirates.

off subject, don't you think it's absurd that Williamsport, PA is exclusive AL territory of the yanks? Camden Yards is a shorter trip from there than Pittsburg OR the arachnid toilet.

ok, back on subject, if anyone IN the boston market has direct tv and is willing to put me on their bill (money in hand, of course) let me know. I have the equipment to do this, but since the cottage is seasonal, I might not want to put the plan in motion 'till spring.
I appreciate evryone's suggestions, but I figured out long ago that anything I do short of "moving to Boston" (thanks to my yankee fan roommate for THAT suggestion) probably won't be enough.

But I will get out of this 3-0 hole someday.
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I'm pretty sure Jerry Kapstein's cousin is Scott Schoeneweis, a pitcher for the Blue Jays.
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