Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Queer As Foulke

Conversation I have with a different person every day at work:

Co-worker: "You're moving to New York? Heh, I thought you'd move to Boston!"

It's really a one-sided conversation, you'll notice. A few more days of this job, then I'm out of CT for good. The commute from NYC to Danbury is actually not bad, a little over an hour, and I'm moving the whole time, as all the traffic goes the other way. But I don't sleep much these days. Getting some sleep will be another advantage of finally getting out of there.

I watched Queer Eye: Red Sox tonight. Pretty damn funny. I love that some of our guys did this show, and that the team supported it, and that they helped out those Little Leaguers whose field was destroyed by a hurricane. It's pretty sad that some other guys refused to do it, because of their "beliefs." Great priorities they've got: Hate before love. I also read the article where a Red Sox fan said that other fans are laughing in our faces. Well, that person better just put on their yankee hat and pretend to be a yankee fan until this blows over. That way they won't be associated with a team that has fun, helps kids in need, and does a TV show which stars people who happen to have a different sexuality than theirs. (And go ahead and keep on wearing that yankee hat afterwards, you stupid ass.)

And one fan said, about the Sox having the Queer Eye guys throwing out the first ball at Fenway, "As long as they win." Uh, so, if they don't win, you're gonna get loaded, grab your gay-bashin' stick, and hit the streets on a hate mission? F you, too, dude. And keep having sex with farm animals while you complain about people's "weird sexual habits."

The one thing I didn't like was that they had Johnny and Doug in pinstripes.

About tonight's on-field action: I'm not worried about the Sox. Interleague play, especially the road games, just piss me off. I just hope we can win one game per series in these NL parks, two per at home, breaking as close to even as possible before moving on with real baseball. At that point, we'll start winning games in bulk again. Plus, we're still up on the dying yanks, and Baltimore has to go on a major cold streak soon. Actually, they're kind of on one already, but nobody wants to catch up. But we will soon. No problem.

Interleague play in NL parks should be banned. It hurts AL teams far more to play by NL rules than for NL teams to play by AL rules.

And the Cards suck right now. What was up with all that beanball crap going on last night?
Wow. I just ran across your site from seeing it on Miles From Fenway and I have to say...pretty impressive!! Keep it up!!

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