Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Watch It Happen

Funny. Had the Rays actually scored the 17 runs I'd predicted, they still would have lost. Great job, male Sam. (You know you're taking the blame every time those guys lose to the yanks, right?)

No big deal, though. yankee fans can't even brag about their team's win because:

A. They don't know about it since they don't pay attention to baseball until October.

And that renders B through E useless, but they would've been:

B. We won, too.

C. We're 3 games up on 'em.

D. Biggest collapse in sports history.

E. Where's the tro-phy?

Reason A is fucking hilarious. Seriously...
Bloody hell. This is a bad week to be a Devil Rays fan.

Of course, some might say that any week is a bad week to be a Devil Rays fan. And they'd have a point, there, too. But screw 'em, because anybody who would say that is probably a MFY's fan in the first place, so they can kiss my you-know-what. That's right, get in line & pucker up, you walking inferiority complexes ...

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