Thursday, December 23, 2004

Theo Puts The O in '05

That master of the deadpan delivery, and best catcher in the league, Jason Varitek, has re-signed with the Red Sox. (I still don't know what makes a deal official, but they're saying it on the New York sports stations as if it's definite.)

Anyway, this is key. For all of you who are sad about all the ring-wearers who have had to go before even receiving said rings, think about this:

C Tek
1B Millar or Mxxxxxz
2B Bellhorn
3B Mueller
LF Manny
CF Johnny
RF Trot
DH Ortiz

Only the shortstop is different from last season, and he's an improvement, AND he'll be the only one we'll have this year, as opposed to a bunch of 'em last year (remember Cesar Crespo?).

So there's plenty of consistency going on with this team. And all these guys effing rule, and have the "never have to pay for ____ in ____ ever again" tag already. I STILL love this team.

Also note that in a few days, we've gone from "We've got no pitching" to having more than 5 starters to choose from. And we've got a Wade and Clement. Maybe these two will win with us, instead of going to the yanks and winning, like the last Wade and Clement...uh, or ClemenS...did.

Theo rules.

Theo DOES rule. He's great. He's got the whole intellectual thing going, but he works the frat boy attitude too. He plays the rock star, every once in a while. You know, Theo and Arroyo jammin out together for a few--just before Theo resigns him to a multiyear deal.

And Theo's got a great sarcastic streak. And yes, spot frickin on, he's got the deadpan working. Oh, and he dresses sharp, and he's better looking than I am.

All that, and he's in charge of a $120m payroll, too. And he's also the guy who masterminded the first Red Sox championship in (way too d--- long). And he's only, what, 30 years old now?

"Some guys have all the luck.
Some guys have all the brains.
Some guys get all the breaks.
Some guys do nothing but complain."

Man I always hated that song. Now I remember why.

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