Sunday, November 21, 2004

Weekly Simpsons Talk

"A doctor for your teeth? What's next, a lawyer for your hair?"

The Simpsons, as I said last Sunday, continues to rule. I know people who have stopped watching it, but I think that's only because the classics are so good, they kind of figure the new ones can't be as good. But I'm just sayin,' if you've given up on it, give it one more chance. And after a second time watching it, I'm apparently hooked on Arrested Development. Maybe that's because it comes on right after The Simpsons, with no commercial break in between. Wow, a watchable TV show besides The Simpsons. Someone told me this summer that it was a good show, but I didn't belive the hype. "David Hogan on a new show? Come ON," I said. (David Hogan was the character Jason Bateman played on Valerie/Valerie's Family/The Hogan Family.) My apologies to that person.

Speaking of NBC sitcoms from the 80s, the answer to the last Quiz was "Marla Gibbs." As in "227 is a comedy, it's about Marla Gibbs and her family." Billy from Cleveland got it right. No, actually no one got it right. No one even took a guess, as a matter of fact. But that won't stop me from presenting the next Quiz: What Red Sox player wore #7 and had vertigo?

Malcolm in the Middle, Baby. Top shelf.
Was there a movie about him? "Fear Strikes Out"?


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