Friday, November 12, 2004

Wait 'Til Last Year

First snow of the year today. Always one of my favorite days. But today wasn't my ideal "first snow." It was basically raining all day, then it turned to sleet, then as I drove north home from work, I started noticing a coating of icy snow on cars. And as I got home, I got to see some flurries, which quickly stopped. Eh.

Here's what I like: It's early afternoon, on a Saturday. No, a Sunday. The first Xmas song of the season has been played on the radio already, so you've been forced into the holiday mood, whether you care to be there or not. You're in your car, on your way home. It's very cold, but you don't mind, because there's snow in the forecast. It's so cold that you know that if it's gonna be falling, it's gonna be in the form of snow. You start to see some flakes. Then--here's the key--the snow starts swirling around on the road. The road isn't getting coated, but the wind is just sweeping little drifts of snow around like, well, like the Red Sox sweeping the Cardinals. As other cars pass you going the other way, more snow dances on the pavement. By the time you get home, there's an inch on the ground, it's getting dark, and you drink hot chocolate while you watch the snow come down under the lights outside. The next morning you wake up and see a healthy foot of snow covering everything. You call in to work, saying you can't get your car shovelled out, even though you could if you wanted to. Then you start thinking about how eventually all the snow will melt, and spring and summer will come around again. It reminds you of watching the Red Sox on a warm August night, and you hope and pray to the baseball gods that next season will be, I mean, just like last season.

Thank you, Boston Red Sox, for making our autumn. But maybe more importantly, our long, cold, snowy, beautiful winter to come.

I feel bad for Floridians.

Funny video about college kids addicted to google... and also one funny 2 min video about why young kids dont vote, all made by a redsox fan!!
Hey Jere, Nice blog. See you at Thanksgiving. Brian, Maryann and kids.

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