Sunday, November 07, 2004

The Gedman Mystery Solved

Ortiz hits mega-HR in Japan.

So speaking of Gedman, I saw a Gedman autographed photo on eBay the other day. I won it for $1.32. The picture is a black and white action shot of Rich sliding into third from a low angle, possibly shot from near the first base dugout at Fenway. It's weird to get an autographed of someone on a picture you've never seen before. I was intrigued by the fact that in the shot, you can see those red, white, and blue buntings on the fence in the background. Since they're clearly playing the White Sox (with the big SOX across the chest, and numbers on the pantlegs), I knew it wasn't a playoff game, so I figured it was Opening Day. I checked, which rules, and I looked for an opening series against the White Sox during the 80s. I found the game: April 12, 1982. As Gedman is clearly about to be tagged out in the photo, I knew I had the right game when I saw

"RED SOX 5TH: Gedman doubled to right [Gedman out at third (right to shortstop to third)]"

Rich was trying to stretch a double into a triple! And they ended up losing by one!

I just think it's so cool that you can take a random picture, use a little deductive reasoning, and figure out exactly when it was taken. Especially a picture of Gedman.

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