Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Blame Canada

I wonder if Dirtdog sees the irony. Here he is ripping Pedro every time he meets with another team (A baseball owner has a meeting with a free agent; oh my god, write a song about it, quick!), and calling him "Greedy Petey," first superimposing a yankees hat, and now a Mets hat on Pedro's head.

This is the same guy who has sold his site to boston.com (Pedro has only received offers, remember). Now he's stuck with their advertisers' big banner ads on his site, one of whom, hilariously, is the Canada Board of Tourism.

That's right, Mr. American United We Stand Patriot Guy could've rejected offers to sell his soul, I mean site, which would've kept ads telling people to go to a different country off of it. But I guess the money's just a little more important. Don't worry, U.S. soldiers overseas, Dirt Dog still supports you, he gave you his once-a-year "thank you." And you can find an Americn flag on the site, just scroll WAY down. Yeah, there it is, only five times smaller than the Canada ad. Oh man, I crack myself up. Right wingers hate this stuff. I'd give anything to see an ad that says "Visit France" gracing the dirtdog site.

It's also ironic that he keeps showing us pictures of the New York friggin' Post, because that's what the dirtdogs site has turned into. One overreaction after another, with big fancy headlines written solely to get a buzz about his site. (That's what it's always been, I guess.) You know how many people "discover" that site every day, thinking they've found some secret well of information? A lot, I think. But like me, they'll all become tired of reading things that simply aren't true, written by some guy in his proverbial "mother's basement," who enjoys the Red Sox, so long as they're clean cut and white to off-white.

If you want to have ads on your site, that's your business. Whatever. But when you cross that line, you kind of lose the right to make fun of people for being greedy. And you definitely lose the right to make fun of someone because you think they're going to do something that could be called greedy.

I know, I should mind my own business. I'll get back to my vacation planning. Hmmm...I hear Canada's nice this time of year...

Come off it. The guy rips everybody, when they don't do well. He praises everybody, when they do. Did you see the picture he posted several times of Lowe's head superimposed on a bikini'ed female body? Was that racist too? Or his KFK jokes, were those racist? Or his Boras jabs, are those racist?

BDD loves Nixon, who's white. He also loves Ortiz, who's not white. He doesn't care for Pedro, who's Dominican like Ortiz and Manny. The only difference between Ortiz and Petey is that ... well, Petey talks big, but Ortiz hits big. Pedro takes mid-season vacations, but Ortiz plays basically every day. Pedro starts fights; Ortiz finishes 'em.

Pedro IS kinda a pansy. He used to be one heckuva pitcher, so we were willing to put up with his garbage then. Now ... not so much.

BDD isn't perfect, by any means: I'm not saying that. Blame the guy for being homophobic, OK. Blame the guy for being faux patriotic, OK. Blame him for his me first, everyone else second attitude, OK. Blame the guy for a lot of things. But don't just up and call him a racist without some serious proof. Because if you do, you're just stooping to his level, when he calls Pedro greedy ...

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