Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Cheap Bloops Save Lives

I like to joke about how Yankees fans/announcers occasionally act like the on-field successes of Derek Jeter have an impact on world events.

But every once in a while, someone actually crosses into that territory.

In a piece that mentions Adolf Hitler, Muhammed Ali, Jackie Robinson, and the Civil Rights Movement, Wallace Matthews writes that Dr. Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech "could well have been" about then-unborn Derek Jeter.

But the most appalling part of the article is when Matthews claims that not even Red Sox or Mets fans can hate Derek Jeter.

I suppose that's why we boo him every single time his name is announced.

This goes along with Michael Kay's theory that "boos on the road are the same as cheers at home." Classic "the Yankees win no matter what" behavior. This is a team that plays their victory song even after they lose, remember. What causes this mentality? Are people just so afraid of failure or disaster or being wrong that they'll come up with any excuse to make it seem like nothing bad ever happens? What kind of a life is that? If you love Derek Jeter a whole lot, no matter hard it is to believe that anyone could not love him, you still have to admit that I don't love him. Go ahead and ignore all the negatives about Jeter and tell us all how great you think he is, but don't speak for the rest of us.

Thanks to Allan Wood for alerting me to another masterpiece from the king of comedy, Wallace Matthews.

In 2005, Jetes was hailed as the Second Coming of Jackie Robinson.

When I read this one, all I could think of was that picture of Jeter shaking hands with Dick Cheney in the Yankees clubhouse.
I'll never understand why Yankees fans are determined to make their players well-liked by non-yankees fans. "Even Red Sox fans have to love Rivera." "Even Boston fans respect Jeter." Why would I respect an admitted liar and cheater?
If Yankee fans were real New Yorkers, they'd want their players to be hated.
"You don't like Jeter? Well, fuck you!"

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