Friday, April 17, 2009

Come Effin' Back

As usual in our comebacks against the O's, they helped us out a little. But I like to think that the "our offense will have trouble scoring runs, mark my words" types turned it off and missed a great game. Down 7-0 in the second! And we quickly get back into it and then take it 10-8. Two in row now. What say we just be the real Red Sox from now on?

Stuff I thought of:

Red shirts vs. black shirts. How often in my life has there been a Red Sox game without a white or gray jersey on the field?

That song!! They played one of if not the cheesiest songs of all-time during the "musical montage." It mentioned freakin' Windsor Locks! Fortunately, Rem and Don were right there to mock the hell out of it.

The other day I saw a commercial showing fans of all different teams. It was totally staged, and every fan was doing some stupid dance, implying the true fans are the ones who dance. Tonight during the game, Don does an ad for the same company in which they show a kid in the crowd and Don says, "this fan likes the Red Sox." Then they cut to some drunken dancing college kids and Don says "but these fans really love the Red Sox." That poor kid. He probably knows ten times as much about the Red Sox than the college kids.

Great line by Allan on JoS tonight: Felix Pie, after HBP: "You wanna a piece of me?"

And nice job having Pumpsie Green come back to Fenway--you may remember I called for this two and a half years ago.

That is a great, great line.

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